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What is the best IM app for the Droid

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by craigrn16, Dec 10, 2009.

  1. craigrn16

    craigrn16 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    What is the best IM app for the Droid? And please dont say ebbudy because that app sucks. I just want an app that can do these basic functions which is have a good UI, be able to send photo's or files, be able to see the profile pic of who you're messeging and be able to change status or profile pic. iPhone/iTouch have billions of apps like this why cant Android have one. Nimbuzz is the closest thing to what I want but it crashes so much and drains the battery.

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  2. obutto

    obutto Android Enthusiast

    eBuddy works perfectly fine for me. Best on Android Market imo. Least network disconnections. However, since you don't want this I can recommend Meebo.

    However, the problems with Meebo is that it tends to disconnect you from AIM (what I use it for). This disconnect will be ensured by one car ride. However, its up to you. I tried other programs but most do not have the same connection stability as eBuddy.

    *Note I keep both of these programs installed. I use Meebo when I'm stationary and just chilling and want to have a long convo with one of my friends. I use eBuddy on the go to receive and do short convos.
  3. craigrn16

    craigrn16 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    yea but ebuddy is so plain. IM apps on Blackberry's, windows mobile and iPhone do so much more. Like send pics. see the persons profile pic of your you're messeging.
  4. mihalich

    mihalich Android Enthusiast

    Also try out IM+. That's what I used. Used it exclusively on Windows Mobile for 2 or 3 years. The UI on android isn't quite as mature yet, but it's more than adequate.

    I have not needed to upgrade to the pay version. Free version supports yahoo, aol, msn which is all I use.

    Edit: sorry just read your whole post. IM+ free version doesn't do some of the stuff you want. I don't see a file transfer or the ability to see profile pics. Perhaps the pay version has it.

  5. esocid

    esocid Well-Known Member

    I tried a few and found Meebo to be the best IMO. I'm still waiting for a great one to come out.
  6. GDroid

    GDroid Android Enthusiast

    I use Meebo. It's working fine for my needs.
  7. Off topic question....do these IM apps use your texts or data?
  8. snapcase

    snapcase Android Enthusiast

    Well all I can say is don't bother with the Hi __ programs. I tried HI MSN and it was quite awful. Laggy as hell and limited functionality. Think I'll give meebo a try next.
  9. obutto

    obutto Android Enthusiast

    If your going to use Meebo, make sure to frequently check if your still connected. It seems to have problems when using AIM for me.
  10. craigrn16

    craigrn16 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Yea I heard there were problems with aim on there on the reviews.
  11. DR0ID

    DR0ID Well-Known Member

    try out the search button
  12. Matthew

    Matthew Well-Known Member


    But if you can't for some reason then Meebo.
  13. craigrn16

    craigrn16 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    did already thanks. Nothing came up.
  14. mihalich

    mihalich Android Enthusiast

    Meebo would not stay connected on any service for me for more than a couple of minutes. Maybe there have been some updates in the last few weeks to correct it. But I used it for a day and couldn't keep a connection long enough to type a few messages. Uninstalled it after about 6 hours.

  15. craigrn16

    craigrn16 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Just tried meebo. cant type without sliding the keyboard out. I really hope Beejive comes to Android. I heard you can use googletalk to talk to other IM's.
  16. DR0ID

    DR0ID Well-Known Member

    since when cant you type without the keyboard out with meebo?
  17. craigrn16

    craigrn16 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    wasnt working for me? Dont know why?
  18. DR0ID

    DR0ID Well-Known Member

    i have never had or heard of that issue
  19. obutto

    obutto Android Enthusiast

    Click into the box with your finger. It should appear out

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