what is upgrade credit/discount exactly?


After reading this link :AT&T Customer: Wait for iPhone 5 or Buy Motorola Atrix for $99?

I was wondering exactly what "upgrade credit" is. I spoke to a customer service rep, and still didn't really understand.

I'm well past my 2 year commitment (original iPhone user here, lol) and I was told I'm eligible for the upgrade credit, and I'm hoping to use it to pick up an atrix from amazon.com (yay gift cards).

So basically, what the hell is "upgrade credit"? Does it just mean I can get the phone at the price I would if I signed up for a 2 year plan, without signing up for a 2 year plan? I'm also planning on switching to a family plan (which would require changing my #), so would the upgrade credit still apply? And can I still grandfather in my unlimited data plan?


You used to get a credit if you had a higher cost plan and went past 2 years. It was on this page. Notice that there's a pointless 24+ month column in there? (could have just put in 21+ months), there used to be credits on it.

AT&T Upgrade Advantage(SM) - Wireless from AT&T

You may still be eligible for one, but it would only be good at AT&T, not at amazon