What is your back-up plan?

I have been seeing randomly throughout the posts people mentioning what phone they will get or consider if the Passion never comes to fruition or gets pushed back to who knows when. Since I'm not the most phone savvy person (just know I hate my Storm and enjoyed my last HTC phone so the Passion sounded wonderful), what is everyone else's back-up plan?
((BTW, this is my first thread, so if it would be better suited elsewhere or whatever, just let me know. Thanks!))


If there isnt something solid about the passion or another phone that is coming out soon that peaks my interest I am getting an eris.


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Eris. Although I have not played with it, I like what i've seen with the Sense UI stuff. I do wish it had a little faster cpu though. I can probably get by with 1.5 but if 2.x results in better performance, put that on my wish list too.


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gPhone!! If the gPhone doesn't pan out or if it's TOO expensive, the Eris. I won't leave Verizon for anything but the gPhone.

I had TMobile a few years back, and GSM was pretty good in the Nashville market then, excpet my parents house. It's a huge GSM black hole, for TMobile and AT&T, but Verizon is great there (AND EVERYWHERE ELSE)!

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I think I will wait for the biggest screen and handset that will be here by the end of January.really wanting this passion and I have found good info that the ROME has 4.3,snap dragon and packed with goodies.I know the Rome was listed as 3.2 screen and no Snap dragon but I have found more solid info on it and am hopeful for it to appear.

Something will be here soon,might not be called the passion/dragon or Rome but something will pop up for us.

For me personally I will not accept the droid or Eris,but that`s just me.I`m big on waiting for what you want and going after it!


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Eris. Although I have not played with it, I like what i've seen with the Sense UI stuff. I do wish it had a little faster cpu though. I can probably get by with 1.5 but if 2.x results in better performance, put that on my wish list too.

Yeah, I mentioned to a friend that I liked the Eris and he responded, "But the DROID is so much faster!" It occurred to me though that I don't need a phone to be faster then a DROID...I just want one that's faster then my Storm. lol And I don't think that's asking for much. Low expectations and all. Haha!


As a storm 1 user who recently returned the Droid in anticipation of Passion I would have to say that i did like the Droid so I might lean towards the "sholes tablet" but sense UI looks too damn cool so it may have to be Eris..... C'mon Passion!!!


I picked up one of the Eris's from the BOGO this weekend. Still debating on if I'm going to keep it or return if for the Droid. But when the Passion comes out I'll buy one outright and just activate it then...


Probably an Eris if it gets a 2.X update and works pretty well before I have any substantial evidence of a Passion. My guess is I hear more about the Passion before the Eris gets an update to 2.X though.


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Right now, I plan on getting an Eris around Christmas. If the Passion does come out in January, I may wait but that depends on when in January.


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If there's no news of passion by the time Xperia 10 releases (early 2010) I'll seriously consider getting it. It's everything passion should have been only better, snapdragon, a bigger screen and 8.1 MP camera. The big drawback is I'd have to switch carriers though.


I'll also probably wait until the end of January and see what upcoming releases have been confirmed. If there's nothing out there with a good-sized screen, I think I'm leaning towards the Droid. The screen is wide enough on it that you can browse full website's without having to scroll back and forth, which is a drag. Plus, the battery life on that phone is reported by users to be quite decent for a smartphone.

When I played with the Droid at the store, even though I had it in my hand for a half hour or so, I didn't get good sense of what it could do, because all that I could really try out was the internet browser, making calls and sending texts. I was at a friend's house the other evening, and had a change to try out his Droid, which is all set up with e-mail, Facebook, pictures, etc. and I was very impressed with how functional it was.

That being said . . . Please give my my 1GHz, 4.3 inch Passion!!!


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If the Passion doesn't pan out for me, I might just wait for the next-gen iPhone to hit VZW. I know, heresy, but I'm a fanboy, what can I say.


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I had 30 days since launch with the droid and my wifes eris. Also 30 days before that with the hero. They are great but a 3 have major drawbacks IMO. If a "passion with sense w/A2.0 and snapdragond with 3.7-4.3 screen with 720Pvideo and looks similar to HD2 then that has to be the best thing going for quite a while and is what I want.

I ent for my 30 day exhcnage and decided to go back to my old handsets, Touch pro and motorokr and the verizon people said I could not revert back to my old phones or plan. They basically said my only 2 real options were to pay full price, choose the phone I was going to be stuck with for 1 or 2 years on the much higher priced VZ plan or port out. They were very indifferent about the whole alltel situation so I said Fit and 30 mins later was ported to ATT on 2 3Gs iPhones.

So far after 2 days of actually owning one I can say the iphone experience as a whole totally blows away any of the android handsets and is actually well worth the extra/mo over the already asenine prices VZ is charging when comparing apples to apples.

But I will say that if the Passion/bravo whatever is firmly announced early Jan I will def port out of ATT even to a prepaid carrier if I have to wait a bit because as a business user the Iphone's notification and tasks system is absolutely terrible which is so important to me being able to keep projects on my schedule in line, but I hate to give up the multimedia and reliability side... So hopefully HTC will do their magic there as thats where droid falls extremely short.


I will most likely stick with my droid, unless the Passion comes out before the holiday return period is over. If it does come out after the holiday return period and it is quite a bit better than the droid, then I might buy it out right and sell my droid, but I am happy with my droid, it is a lot better than my old LG Dare.


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Just curious here. While the Passion sounds cool, from the info we have is it that much better than the Eris?

There will probably no grand way to justify the extra $100 the Passion should cost over the Eris after the Eris gets it 2.x upgrade. The Eris is a nice phone. The wife has had hers for a couple of days. But it is a bit slow on some things. To me the Passion will be what I want, the UI of the Eris with the power of the Droid.


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Just curious here. While the Passion sounds cool, from the info we have is it that much better than the Eris?

1. WVGA >>>> HVGA
2. While 3.7" is only a half-inch larger than 3.2", it's a 33% increase in screen area.

If I wanted low resolution, I'd get an iphone.


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I will wait as long as it take to get a phone that meet my requirements.

1. Large screen size. 3.7 or larger (4.3 in the money shot)
2. Fast processor
3. Android with Sense UI
4. NO physical keyboard (unless it is an exact replica of the LG Voyager)
5. Thin design

If iphone hits Verizon before my requirements are met I will get an iPhone as long as it's CDMA and not a watered down version. I will not be one of the first people on the new LTE network as I suspect the issues will be exactly like At&t has now. I actually like to make phone calls.

HTC has the ability to make the iPhone Killer. They did it with the HD2 and then f'ed it up by installing Winmo.

Imagine the HD2 with Android and Sense UI. Who needs a girlfriend when you have this?


The HTC Buzz. I will probably end up getting that over the Passion, even if the Passion does turn up and is as awesome as rumored. To be honest, I really don't need all the stuff that the Passion has. The Buzz seems perfect for me... that, or the Legend.

Either way, the next phone I get will definitely be HTC.