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Jan 30, 2011
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I've had to replace my phones 5 times of the last 3-4 years for different reasons and one o9f the biggest headaches is always getting the replacement phone set up again. By "setup" i mean restoring my contacts, pictures, and apps. I usually have very little in the way of music or videos so those aren't an issue. Contacts shouldn't be an issue but it has usually been a headache because Google really sucks in terms of syncing/restoring well. For instance I just had to have my S4 replaced a few days ago due to multiple component issues such as the proximity sensor not working properly. When I synced my goggle accounts it restored my contacts but it duplicated quite a few of them so now I have 2-4 contacts for the same person/company. This has been an issue every time I've set up a new phone since my first smartphone. Its a real pain in the butt! I've sought help with this particular issue numerous times in numerous forums but have never found a viable solution. Unfortunately Google, in their infinite wisdom, doesn't believe in the concept of actually support for it's products, instead relying on "community" support which only works if there happens to be a fellow user who happens to have a solution to your problem. If not your simply out of luck and, in the case of this particular issue, are stuck having to go through and manually deleting contact, after contact, after contact to get rid of all the duplicates.

Didn't mean to go off on a tangent but that's been an issue that's given me headaches, figuratively speaking, for quite awhile. back to my actual inquire......

I've used multiple different backup apps such as MyBackup Pro, MobileGo, and Titanium Backup with the one rooted phone I had a few years ago but they didn't restore my app info that I end up having to setup from scratch. I would love to find a backup app that would do this but does such an app exist? I know there are other apps such as Samsung Kies, SMS backup, and numerous others I haven't tried.

For those of you who have delved into this further than I have, which apps do you find to be the best overall and do any of them restore app(widgets specifically) data?

Thank You in advance for any input anyone provides. :)
Helium is about the best option I know of for non-root app and data backup.

No app will be able to restore widgets though.

If you use a custom launcher (Nova anyway) it backs up your homescreens and restores most widgets, folders, shortcuts, icons etc :)
Best thing you can do though, and i know you said non-root, is make a nandroid backup and restore literally the whole phone to the new one (same model obviously) but non-root, youre limited.
Android phones are so diverse that there will probably never be a full backup solution like apple have :-(
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The new Carbon backup app has made its way onto the Play Store. The biggest change comes for Android users with non-rooted devices as they can now also perform app and data backups. Carbon is the work of ClockworkMod and ROM Manager developer Koushik Dutta who, with the help of 12,000 beta testers, has managed to squash out most of the bugs from previous versions of the app.