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Support What kind of back up should I make to prevent against this...?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Mr X, Nov 15, 2010.

  1. Mr X

    Mr X Member
    Thread Starter

    Aug 19, 2010
    A while back I messed up my phone by trying to make the notification bar black without being deodexed and ended up having to restore via SBF. When I got it back up and running, the big problem I had was - I'd get everything set up, rooted and all apps installed the way I wanted them, go to restart (for any number of reasons) and when it booted back up, I had maybe 1-2 minutes before it rebooted again and looped that way until I'd do a factory reset from recovery mode.

    On my most recent factory reset, I did something I hadn't before. After doing the factory reset and letting it boot up, going through the initial setup and all that, I booted into recovery mode and wiped the cache. I actually did this before the factory reset too, but that's beside the point. So my question is.. with this set up perfectly the way I want it now, how do I save it/back it up so that SHOULD I go back into one of those boot cycles, I can restore it? Is there an app that can be easily accessed in the 1-2 minutes I'd have before a reboot that can do a system restore to this exact build at this moment in time? (also, could those cache wipes be the reason I'm not having problems with boot loops now?)

    I just want to edit the build.prop file. On the first, unSBF'd phone I had, before it got messed up in the notification bar ordeal, I could edit the build.prop file with zero care in the world. But then after SBFing and the last few setups that would reboot into a boot cycle, when I'd edit the build.prop file, it'd send it into that boot cycle. That SEEMED to be the catalyst. I want to change a few settings, like the heap size and max events. Can I do this (safely) through JRummy's Droid X/2 Overclocker app? I know that edits the build.prop file, but I used to use Root Explorer before and for whatever reason, that SEEMED to be what messed things up, and I don't want to do yet another factory reset.

    TL;DR - how can I create a restore "image" that I can access quickly before I run into a 2 minute load-then-reboot-again cycle that would fix that cycle AND is editing the build.prop file for heap size & max events through JRummy's overclocker app be a safe way to edit that file?


  2. Aggie12

    Aggie12 Well-Known Member

    Jul 19, 2010
    Planet Earth
    Droid X bootstrap - needed for custom recovery. From this app click the top button wait for pop up to say "success". Click the bottom button to boot into recovery where you can restore a backup.
    Rom manager - still need the above app but this one makes backing up look nice and easy. Install app. Click flash clockwork mod at top. Scroll to backup current rom. name it. it will reboot and make a backup.
    If you feel like sh*ts about to hit the fan or whenever you want to restore you can open up the droid x bootstrap app and click reboot recovery to apply your backup. Scroll to install zip from sd card --> choose zip --> find back up. volume up/down navigate up and down. camera button fully depressed selects. pwr button backs up one menu.
    If you want an optimized build.prop I would suggest downloading it from ROM manager

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