Jun 25, 2022
I think I just have bad luck, because my previous phone, a Galaxy S20 FE just bent and stopped working. I was generally careful with the device, always holding it witrh a tight grip and not dropping it and not damaging the device in any way. I really want to get warranty for the device in case I have problems like that despite my best efforts. I have heard some bad things about Samsung Care+ about on reddit and don't feel very confident about SquareTrade.
Personally I'm not a fan of third-party, extended warranty services but since you are interested in buying it for your phone all I can suggest is you read through the documentation for both Samsung Care and SquareTrade and go with the one that best suits your particular needs. Both are major brands with a history and a lot of customers so that's a plus. If you're looking for any service without complaints, that's just not going to happen. Along with those who did encounter actual problems, there's also now a prevalence of just mindless rants and trolls that pollute every online comment site. The Internet has devolved into a massive mix of good and bad info so finding the good is a more about applying judgement skills cranked all the way up and still expecting to make the wrong choices on occasion. If anything, take those Reddit criticisms into consideration but don't pick one or the other because of that some anonymous postings tell you what to do, pick the one that you feel the most comfortable using. It's your credit card that'll be involved in the end.

Just curious if you kept your S20 FE in a case or not. Also, even if you always handled it with care, did you perhaps transport it around with you in a pants pocket or something like that? The bending matter sounds like there's more detailed backstory we're missing out on.
One day in late May, I saw a noticeable bend on the S20 FE and I couldn't figure out why. The day before, it looked straight & flat. I always keep my phone in my front pockets.
One day in late May, I saw a noticeable bend on the S20 FE and I couldn't figure out why. The day before, it looked straight & flat. I always keep my phone in my front pockets.

In the last 15 years I've actually had two phones break while in my front trouser pockets. A Nokia N95 and Samsung Galaxy S, both had busted screens.

When you say "bent" in your OP, I suspect any extended-warranty insurance company is going to say that's physical damage. So I think you'd better check if whatever insurance/extended-warranty you choose, does cover accidental and/or physical damage to the device, as well as "defects in workmanship and/or materials".

Maybe worth you checking if your phones are covered by your household insurance policy, from damage or loss?
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i always buy my phones from either my carrier or Best Buy. both have really good protection plans.....though Verizon does cover lost/stolen and damage to the phone. However, Best Buy does not cover lost/stolen. i don't think that you can buy it separately.
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If it were me, I'd look at the most likely things I'd have to claim under such a warranty and which is less expensive to do that with.

Thankfully never had to worry about a lost or stolen claim. But especially with a sealed (Samsung) battery (yikes!), replacing the battery is going to come up early and often. Or Knox bricking the phone because Samsung seems convinced that we are too stupid to be allowed to root our phones anymore.
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I have only had to use insurance once and it was square trade. It was good service but they don't cover lost or theft. Something to consider