Accessories What memory card came with your inspire?


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just wondering what brand/class memory card came in the inspire you got?

i just went to switch out my husbands card with a sandisk 32gb class 4 and noticed his 8gb card is sandisk class 4 where as the one that came in mine is an 8gb samsung class 2 (i now use this one in a camera as i got a 16gb class 4 adata card)


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Mines came with an 8GB Samsung (class 2) but I purchased a 32GB SanDisk (class 2) off Amazon that's deceptively fast. I used a benchmark app called SD Tools and it's reporting write speeds at 7MB per second and read speeds at 13.8MB per sec. That's much better than what you can expect from most Class 4 SD cards.


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Mine also came with a Scandisk 8GB Class 4

That's kind of shocking, i never looked before but i wouldn't think it would ship with a class 4, thought it was class 2 the whole time. lol


Personally, can't imagine running anything other than: - Kingston 32GB Micro SDHC Flash Card (Multi Kit / Mobility Kit) Model MBLY10G2/32GB

Now, the higher the class does mean higher speeds.

True 720p needs to be done on a class 6 or higher, but I have found less stuttering on my class 10.

They are getting WAY cheaper. :D

That one is out of stock, but this one has good reviews too in case anyone wants one quick. And at only $15 more than a similar class 4, it's a great buy.