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Apr 9, 2010
As title really, if I'm recording in 1080p direct to the external SD card, will I need class 10 or will 6 or 4 work as well on the SGS2?
Class 10 all the way. I just did a h2testw on a Class 4 32 GB and it took over two hours. It would have taken about 30-40 mins with a Class 10. When you are saving big amounts of files you will need to move them. And if you don't want to wait forever and a day I would go with C10.
I have a class 4 Sandisk, and it works extremely well. HD video playback is perfect. No lagging etc.

If your loaded or your going to be transferring extremely high volumes of data between PC and card, then get the best you can by all means (I would have!!)

But for most people, a class 4 would probably suffice.
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