What not to do...


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I had a Droid with the Cyanogenmod for a while and really liked the dsp that is in that ROM. It really improves the playback audio quality. I set out to figure out how to put it on the Commando.

What I ended up with is being stuck in a bootloop.

The tip is to not do anything to the system files of the Commando. There is no known way to cold boot into a recovery and if you screw up, well, you're screwed.

I can briefly get adb to communicate with the phone but it usually times out before I can get anything past confirming that it is connected.

So I suppose I'll be looking on eBay unless someone here has decided that this phone just isn't for them. If so, PM me and we will talk.


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Another warning:

Do not EVER remove the second settings app, called "[SETTINGS/BLUETOOTH] Settings Storage 2.2.1" and then reboot. Freezing it may be a problem as well.

This will brick your phone!

Of course, this thread is discussing bad things that can happen if you are Rooted.
You cannot make these mistakes if you are not Rooted.