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What on earth is this little series of arrows?

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by Deviant Ollam, Aug 11, 2010.

  1. Deviant Ollam

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    So this is perhaps a bit odd... today for the first time /ever/ my device rebooted itself while it was sitting on the table next to me. I have had a rooted phone since before i even walked out of the T-Mobile store with it and it has never misbehaved or done anything strange.

    Now, however, i noticed what can only be described as a small series of chevrons or arrows that were blinking on the lower middle of the screen. Whether i was on the main menu of my home screen or a side screen it didn't matter, there they were.

    I shot footage of them with my camera and posted it here...

    YouTube - ‪Android WTF‬‎

    ... as you can see, it's almost as if they were showing a new user how to scroll and see the app drawer. However, as i have been running CyanogenMod for ages, i don't have an app "drawer" anymore.

    Opening the applications screen and then closing it again made the arrows go away. I have not seen them since. Maybe people will tell me this is perfectly normal, but i have truly never seen them before and am quite puzzled.

  2. neohodge

    neohodge Lurker

    its built into the rom slide your finger from the launcher past the arrows and something should happen.
    I dont use those roms that often so i forgot what its for but i remember its pretty cool:p

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