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What order would i use these files to gain root?

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by 20GT, Jan 20, 2019.

  1. 20GT

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    Hi I paid a company to root my STYLO3 and it worked. They had me download a zip file and then run some of the things in it. 1 year later I have to factory restore I cant remember exactly how and what to do first.

    Here is a list of the folder contents called "nano_adb" . Does any of this look familiar, as to what was done, and how to repeat it?

    I'm truly a noob. i goggled some of the names of the files. and found they are common to flashing. but I really don't know.

    LGUnitedMobileDriver_S52MAN314AP22_ML_WHQL_Ver_3.14.1 .exe

    2019-01-20 12_02_05-C__Users_Steve_Desktop_STYLO3 Root_nano_adb.png



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  3. MoodyBlues

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    Please don't think I'm being rude, okay? But why would a self-described noob--who paid someone to root their phone, and doesn't even know enough about rooting to know which Windows files to run--want or need root access to a Linux system?

    I'm asking because Windows is to Kindergarten as Linux is to medical school...and if you can't root your own phone, you're very unlikely to need its root powers--or danger.

    What of its root features did you use during that year?
  4. 20GT

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    Bit ruff for not trying to be rude don't you think?

    I run apps that only can be run on rooted phones like titanium backup or others.

    Just because I don't flash things everyday and know how it works doesn't mean that shouldn't have a rooted phone.

    That's like saying if you don't know how to do open heart surgery you should have the benefit of having a new heart.
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    No problem

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