what phone as a mophuter


i wonder if anyone knows a practicable solution to use a mobile phone as a computer mophuter (i.e. connecting to a display, keyboard, mouse).

With solution I mean:
- phone
- connections
- hardware (converter, USB hub, keyboard, mouse, bluetooth, monitors/TV)
- app(s) to allow connections
- boot manager (to choose how to operate, if is the case)
- O.S. to replace original one when in mophuter mode
- apps (open office port)

after spending 3 days on the net looking for something viable I come to the conclusion that there is not yet a commonly accepted solution

is there any phone manufacturer looking into this?
isn't it a good money making opportunity?
Well that completely depends on what phone you are talking about.

You would need a few things. Most importantly, HDMI out to connect to display. Not only do you need hdmi out, but it needs to be hdmi mirroring, as some phones only output videos from the hdmi, not the whole phone screen.

Second, you need to be rooted and running a rom that accepts bluetooth input from a mouse and keyboard. Only a few phones/roms will do this.

ALso it needs to be powerful enough to actually output video and not freeze up.


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Thank you for your inputs.

I do not mind which mobile phone to be used.
I am more interested in an overall solution.
I do not think there is already a commercial solution.

I have looked at the HTC sensation, but as sitlet said the rom should be unlocked.

The other alternative is the samsung Galaxy S 2 that is Rom free.

Both these phones come with MHL (but no MHL displays yet).

Also there is not yet a stable software or an accepted way of implemeting this system.

I was thinking that installing a Linux kernel on the phone with dual boot will open many possibilities.
But still it would be nice to keep the Android option, maybe just adding one (or more) apps.
I do not think there is already a commercial solution.

Yes, its the Atrix.

The only phone I know of that is capable of this is the Evo, running cm7 and a LOT of custom mods to get the keyboard, mouse, and hdmi output to work.