What Phone Should I Get Next?

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Mar 7, 2012
Bronx NY
Well, although i loved my amaze. What phone do you guys think i should go for next? :D

*Dont worry, ill still be around to help ;)
Note 2 expandable storage and a beast under the hood. I don't see a DNA on your poll, Why is that? or is Verizon the reason.

The DNA is beast, but it has to be gsm :(
i was playing with my gf's note 2 and holy s**t its a beast.
definitely looking at that one as of now.
But anymore suggestions would be great.
Have until January to decide.
Motorola is still floating around on the Droid Razr as a flagship since Nov 2011 they have re-released newer models under the same moniker but thats old, I expect what they have up their sleeves should be nothing short of a break through.

(My Opinion) though loosely based on 4 years of practice..lulz
Tough call. Being as the new HTC has the internal battery and no SD card slot, that would kill it for me too, with HTC. Having said that, the other android options don't excite me, either. I'm looking towards either a BB 10 device in 2013; or (more preferably), ditching the "smartphone" entirely and go with a basic phone w/texting and an iPad. Methinks the smartphone as we know it is on the way out. For me, a single device such as an AIO device just doesn't cut it for my combined mobile needs. YMMV.

I wish you the best in your quest, bro.