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What phone should i go for?

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by Watchinufrap, Sep 2, 2011.

  1. Watchinufrap

    Watchinufrap Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I am looking at getting a decent smartphone i found that shopping online you can get some nice duty free deals!

    Does anybody have experience from using such retailers?
    they claim to save money because they have no physical location where they store stock, and merely ship from warehouses overseas passing the savings onto you.

    Any opinions?

    I am looking at either a HD7 or HTC trophy with Windows 7

    Or a HTC incredible or HTC Desire/S
    Not sure, the Desire looks nice with physical buttons, considering that touch sensitive navi buttons tend to piss me off but that maybe due to smaller budget android phones having very little finger room.

    Any other idea's for a phone will be appreciated just tell me why you recommend it!
    Just no Iphone's Iphone's are Iphones they are what they are.
    And they don't appeal to me anymore.

    I also welcome anybody else to participate asking people here about idea's for their next purchase.


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  2. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor

    Personally, no Windows Phone for me yet, at least this year, and probably wont be getting one that wont be Nokia if I have a choice. WP7 has too few apps for now, and will only gain more apps most likely when Nokia opens Ovi Store for Windows, which will only be accessible to Nokia phones. Also Nokia was allowed to make certain modifications to WP7 interface, so I'd wait for their versions to be released first and have a look at them, otherwise from the looks of things Nokia WP7s will be better software wise and feature wise than those from other brands.

    So that leaves us with the Droids for now. However you did not mention your country/carrier and price range, so maybe people can find other phones you might like more than both HTC models.
  3. Watchinufrap

    Watchinufrap Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Australia/NZ region.

    So is Nokia dropping the Simian Operating system to have that partnership with Microsoft? i had forgotten about it.

    Does this mean that buying a HTC Microsoft 7 phone is a bad investment as support maybe dropped?
  4. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor

    Symbian operating system has an expected marketlife up to 2016 only. Starting next year, Nokia's high end phones will be WP7, and they managed to get a deal with Microsoft putting them on better terms with handling the OS than competitors (Samsung, HTC and LG).

    Support wont be dropped for other WP7 brands, but the Nokia WP7s will have features and access to certain customizations and software that only they will have, while also having access to almost everything the other brands will have except for proprietary apps on their respective app stores. Especially since Nokia is the only OEM to be allowed to make modifications to the WP7 software.

    For Droids, you havent mentioned what is available to you or your price tag, or requirements for a phone, so the common suggestion would be the Galaxy S2 by Samsung, as its one of the best Droids in the market today. Its practically the current measuring stick of Android phones for the time being.
  5. Watchinufrap

    Watchinufrap Newbie
    Thread Starter

    My price range is anything under 400$
    Galaxy S2 is too expensive, and eh.. i've had bad feedback from my friends over Samsung and i think i know what they mean since i've used some of their mobiles non android before.

    Is the Microsoft phone OS any good? have you tried it? i would be pretty psyched if i could play games from Windows 98 on the phone! that would be sweet!

    My only reservation with Android is the privacy and security of your data sovereignty i like Android with HTC sense it's sweet, albeit unacceptably hindered by the lousy internals of the Wildfire and it's S sibling.
    Of course many people have brought up data protection with Android before but i want cold hard facts, since the core OS doesn't send reports of your activities or use anywhere and the only connection with google is through location based advertising via general location and when using voice search, the nasties seem to dwell on the android market.
    What follows is my opinion on the matter.
    And also only downloading apps that get good ratings is not good enough, that's group mentality which isn't allways safe.
    And keep in mind some people (too many) are all too comfortable with exposing themselves to spyware these days, so just because a game that betrays the security of your phone for marketing purposes is popular with allot of sheep, does not mean it will be ALLRIGHT AND OKAY SAFE for those who do not WANT that.

  6. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor

    Personally, since I dont keep any sensitive info on my phone (like bank accounts etc), and I dont do anything conspicuous, I dont really mind much of that privacy thing. I feel that's just paranoia. Eacah to his own I suppose.

    I also had prejudices to Samsung before, as I had a Samsung device break on me for no real reason, but so far my i9003 is holding out very well. It seems that for Samsung, cheap phones are indeed crap, but for higher end ones, quality also increases greatly.

    For WP7, I am personally thinking of giving one a serious look when the Nokia ones come out, even if I would more likely be getting a Win8 tablet instead of a WP7 phone next year. This is primarily based on reviews and how smooth and fast WP7 is on my friend's HTC phone. And no, you cant play desktop grade games on the phone since the software for those doesnt support the ARM architecture of the processor (this has been discussed in Win8 ARM versions as well). Maybe in the future we could run an emulator though.
  7. Watchinufrap

    Watchinufrap Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I sometimes browse racist or offensive sites when i am bored.
    But that's something that i keep to myself and rather not be google or anyone elses business.

    I was talking to one of my friends about his HTC hero online, he's been using it to take and send 'special' photo's of himself to his boyfriend, now would you like a phone that for instance uploaded a copy to Google everytime you take a photo? (as far as i know that's not what happens thankfully)
    Well if you have malware from a market app that does that because you didn't know why it wanted camera access and everyone says it supposedly just wants it for something not related to the game for barcode reading or something.
    But really it's just installing a trojan that you allowed to get on by clicking "Allow" which uploads a copy of the photo to some unknown location.

    That is not good.
    And that kind of stuff can and does happen in an Open Source environment.
  8. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor

    If you are that, "wary" (for lack of a better word), about Google and Android services, then the only options left for you is a WP7, a BB or a Symbian phone, since you dont want an iPhone. However that could be circumvented by installing only official apps by reputable companies, like the offical DropBox app, or official facebook app, or stick to default/firefox/opera browsers, official facebook or twitter apps, etc. These companies are already those you give access to your PC and therefore must trust.

    For WP7, it syncs to your Live Account, and the phone can be accessed via your Live profile as well. However its a bit more closed than Android in the sense that each app must pass MS standards and testing before it goes to the marketplace. If you want more security but wouldnt go for iPhone, well, then go for WP7.
  9. Watchinufrap

    Watchinufrap Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I just don't feel interested in an Iphone anymore since i found out what other smartphones are like.

    On facebook and twitter apps, well they do not have access to your machines current status when you visit their website or log on, when it comes to smartphones as long as everything stays compartmentalized it's fine, i just find googles public announcements on the privacy issue redundant cliched and unhelpful "we give people control over permissions" yeah, control being either get F'ed of F off.
    I think the droid market needs some improvement honestly to be more like Itunes app store, not saying they are perfect, i know from reports that they merely test the app to see if it does what it advertises, they do not check the source code.
    And a malicious application can still get through, and it will only be pulled because people have ended up having their devices infected.
    Which is known as a Canary method.

    I recharge my phones using the recharge service of my carrier and enter in my credit card info for recharging, it is imperative that the core OS of Android does not allow any App to do things like that by default, the only way something could have that access is if you willfully and knowingly rooted your phone and bypassed the security functions.
    Personally for the time being i would rather have a nice android phone, since WebOS was never released in my country, and the Microsoft phone OS is still in it's early stages.
    I just need to know for myself that i can use an Android phone without worries, because i do not have the time to learn code or learn the finer points of homebrew to make it safe, that is all.
  10. substring

    substring Android Enthusiast

    In my humble opinion, nothing is secured. If you want to be totally secured, the only way to achieve that is to unplug and get off the grid. ;)

    With that being said, a lot of the security measures are plain common sense. For example, while it is true that malware can get on Android Market, but you are not supposed to download everything under the sun. I only download the app that has been out there for a while and has a long track record of reputation. I don't download themes which have higher possibility to be malwares and they also tend to drain battery. I don't download games except a couple famous ones like Angry Bird. Last but not least, if you receive an email with a link, NEVER click on it (especially when the links have domain names other than simple .com or .net, many of those come from Russia and China where hackers are located).

    If you follow these common sense security measures, you should be fine whether you are using an Android phone, WP7 phone, or an iPhone. :)

    Hope this helps.
  11. Dinis

    Dinis Newbie

    hmmm htc desire hd is pretty good as i hear
  12. Watchinufrap

    Watchinufrap Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks Substring but i will still follow up in a malware thread about some questions.

    I found a reasonable price on the HTC Desire HD,
    Dunno what to choose, i was looking at maybe getting a Desire just the original one, it's still available would prefer if it wasn't the same price as the Desire S.
    Why the old Desire appeals to me is because it has physical buttons, none of those fiddly easily set off touch screen navi keys that can easily be pressed while holding the phone in landscape mode,
    imagine typing and your finger keeps accidentally hitting the home or back button while typing, know how angry it can make you? it's shit, i like tactile buttons since you can place your fingers over them without them being triggered.

    is the old Desire just as good as the Desire S? besides the fact it was made before the Amoled screen shortage, most Desire S's use some LCD something something from what i read.
  13. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor

    The old Desire has a slower processor and less RAM than the Desire S AFAIK

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