What phones or operating systems allow changes to font size


My wife is looking for a new phone that must have the following specs
1) sim free and unlocked
2) wifi
3) touch screen with normal qwerty keyboard

So very simple so far. With the above requirements a simple matter to pick up a phone for probably less than


share the love peeps ;)
I think(?) All androids have an option to change the system font size. And for texts i use the Go Sms app. My eyes are bad too but you can set the font to any size and colour :)
My Samsung Relay 4G is the only smartphone I've owned thus far that has a built-in option to change the system font size (and I've owned a ton). It also has a VERY nice full qwerty keyboard... however it does require a SIM card. But if you run out of options for sim-free and she wants to try a SIM phone, this one is a great one to go with IMHO.