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What plan(s) do I need to activate the Droid on Verizon (on a existing plan)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by adidas, Dec 23, 2009.

  1. adidas

    adidas Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi everyone,

    I'm looking to pick up a Droid (with no contract... my wallet says ouch) but its okay because I can partially offset the costs by selling my current phone) :D. My family made the rushed decision to switch to Verizon in October and I ended up getting the Samsung Rogue. I currently have the family plan + a basic texting plan (200 or 300 messages a month, I forgot which one lol) + 25MB Basic Data. Would I be able to activate the Droid via the Verizon website or by phone without having to add anything extra. I know they will probably ask me to get the unlimited data, but I was wondering if there is anyway around this?

    I really like my rogue, but it doesn't compare to Droid. The rogue has no wifi :(, and its GPS is completely limited due to VZW Navigator... Not to mention the Android OS + Apps + 5MP Camera...


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  2. bnuge942

    bnuge942 Newbie

    you prolly have the 250 texts for $5 plan.when I sell customers the droid i usualy put them into a higher text plan but if that suits u thats cool too. When you register the Droid ESN to your plan its automaticly going to add the $30 "enhanced feature device plan" just like the Black Berry, and you have no way around that since the phone is always syncing with email and app updates. But it will also automaticly remove your 25 mb data plan because they arent compatible.
  3. adidas

    adidas Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Okay thanks for the reply. So there are no discounts or anything? Currently I am using my text messages alloted to an efficient amount per month, but I don't really have any reason to upgrade that part of the plan. My pops also has the 25 mb plan, as well as the $5 texting (but does not really use either), I tried to convince him to remove those from his plan and change my plan to unlimited but he is not buying it.

    We would save $25 from removing 2 x 25mb data plans and one 250 texting plan, and then spend $30 for an unlimited plan on my account, which would end up being an extra $5 per month. To be completely honest, I wouldn't really need the unlimited data plan, I'm fine with 25MB since my home, school, and most places have wifi access, I'd truly only need the 25MB when I need to look up something important when there is no access (rare) or I need the google maps to load. Obviously you mentioned that the Droid needs the unlimited plan for updating/sync/email, so I guess that is out of the window.

    I will have to do some thinking... :rolleyes:
  4. sillyrabbitt123

    sillyrabbitt123 Android Enthusiast

    If you are going to pay retail why not try to go to BB or sears upgrade to a family plan of some sort and see if you open another line for 10/mo x2 years seems $240 and get the phone for i think 120 seems less then the 595 retail. not sure if that works out but 100% but maybe. trying to help :)
  5. adidas

    adidas Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately they would tack on the $30 a month required data on top of the $10 for the extra for the new line. I could pick up a very gently used/like new Droid with a clean ESN on eBay for $400, or get a brand new one at Walmart for $500. My Rogue looks like it could sell for $200... So I am looking at a $200-$300 net payment for a Droid when everything is said and done.
  6. adidas

    adidas Lurker
    Thread Starter

    If anyone has figured out how to get a Droid activated on the Verizon plan without paying the $30/m data plan, please let me know :)

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