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What power setting do you use on your Rezound?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by TxGoat, Nov 29, 2011.


What performance setting do you keep the Rezound in mostly?

Poll closed Jun 11, 2013.
  1. Performance mode, I want it all, both cores lit up like an Xmas tree & LTE humming!

  2. Normal mode, I surf, I game, I need my battery to get me through the day.

  3. Economy mode, I'm a hyper-miler. I also like to cut the engine and coast to a stop in my car.

  4. You mean you can change the power consumption on the phone? huh?

  1. TxGoat

    TxGoat Guest
    Thread Starter

    I hadn't seen this asked yet and figured maybe we could see where everyone stands with regards to their battery life and their power settings. For those that don't know, if you go to Settings>Power>Power management you can adjust how fast your Rezound eats your battery.

    I've found that if I am at home and do anything less than Performance, I get no 4G connectivity or it bounces around. Thus, I keep it at Performance almost exclusively. I do notice it gets warm occasionally, but that's when I take the Otterbox case off and let the Rezound frolic around 'nekkid'. I get about 8-9 hours on the Performance setting which is fine by me. I figure it's like when I owned a performance car that requires premium, if I can't afford to put the good stuff in then I probably can't afford the performance car.

    What sez ye?

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  2. SamXp

    SamXp Android Enthusiast

    Yeah, I'm on Performance, as well. It seems to do better at steady use than turning off and then gunning it to catch up when you wake the device (nice analogy with hypermiling!) so you lose some of the benefit you should see.

    I might try Normal after another few days at Performance. I still get 9-10 hours so that's good enough for me.
  3. Dukins

    Dukins Member

    I use performance mode. Normal and economy mode disables my gmail and other crucial syncs I need for business, which isnt profitable for me. :D
  4. pwalt

    pwalt Well-Known Member

    I tried the normal mode yesterday (just got the phone Sunday night) and couldn't figure out why it wasn't telling me when I got emails! Now, in "performance mode" it's been dinging away all day! Now ... to decide whether or not that's actually a good thing ... :rolleyes:
  5. TxGoat

    TxGoat Guest
    Thread Starter

    What you do is you switch to "Economy" mode when you know there's an important email coming but don't really want to answer it. ;)
  6. thornev

    thornev Android Enthusiast

    I bought the phone for its 1.5Ghz speed so I wouldn't want to use any setting less than Performance mode. And with the extended battery, I get all the juice I need. I overclock my CPU and memory on my home desktop, and I expect I'll overclock the Rezound if we ever get S=Off and modded kernels.
  7. vzwuser76

    vzwuser76 Android Expert

    I put my phone on economy after about 5 days (so the 21st) and haven't had any trouble getting gmail notifications. In fact I get 2 notifications, the HTC mail app is sending them as well. The main reason I wan't worried about not having it on performance is I don't have 4G in my area, so switching to normal was no biggie. So then I went to economy to see how that would work for me and so far I can't really tell the difference, so until that changes, that's where it's staying.
  8. RottnJP

    RottnJP Well-Known Member

    I'm in "normal" mode and I haven't seen any change to my 4G locations or switching.

    It does change you to reduced sync frequency setting, but you can go into the sync options and change it back to auto-sync. That keeps sync going while letting it save power in other areas.
  9. msjohnson2868

    msjohnson2868 Newbie

    Is there any place that tells what each setting actually does? I've not found it.
  10. trophynuts

    trophynuts Extreme Android User

    i didn't vote.

    I leave mine in Performance Mode BUT i leave 4G off unless i really need it.

    I average between 10-15 hours on a charge. And i'm fine with that.
  11. TxGoat

    TxGoat Guest
    Thread Starter

    I thought I'd find something here HTC Mobile Phone Support - HTC Rezound? (Verizon) - Help but nothing really is addressed there as far as I could tell in the "Power and Battery" section. What does make me shake my head are the questions that they do have answers to, "How do I power on my phone?" Darwin rolleth over in his graveth.....
    msjohnson2868 likes this.
  12. jayochs

    jayochs Android Enthusiast

    Yeah I keep mine on peformance...I don't have 4g so mines turned off and I get awesome battery life, around 10 to 15 daily, and I use this thing so much haha
  13. zazan

    zazan Android Enthusiast

    I have played with all three settings and finally decided to keep it on "normal". I don't see a significant performance difference but I do see a difference in battery use among the three, at least for my use.

    I don't have 4G at home so only use that setting during the day in "civilized" areas. This past weekend at home with the phone set to 4G and normal as a test and with reasonably light use I got nearly 2 days on the stock battery.
  14. jbis

    jbis Newbie

    You can enable economy mode then turn on your gmail sync. This mode is customizable.
    Dukins likes this.
  15. Dukins

    Dukins Member

    Thanks I had no idea you could do change individual settings. I can probably use my standard battery and case now instead of the extended battery and case lol. :D

    Edit: Unfortunately economy mode did not work for me. Even with enabling background data it still periodically polls for new email. I need it instant. Thanks for trying.
  16. 0837s

    0837s Well-Known Member

    Performance Mode-

    Switched it down to the next mode for a night- wondered why I had no 4G LTE connection, and why Gmail stopped syncing. Once I figured out what I did, I put it back in Performance mode, and won't be taking it out of there.

    I did turn the gmail sync back on, somehow, but it only lasted for a short period of time, before it went back off, same as the 4G LTE signal. That's why I put it back to Performance.
  17. cubsphan23

    cubsphan23 Newbie

    What about Talk (Gmail chat) ? BTW I don't want to use economy only "normal", but my two imperatives are keeping Gmail mail and Talk synced at all times.
  18. colornshape

    colornshape Android Enthusiast

    There are settings for this below the mode selection zone. You can control background sync, screen timeout, etc.
  19. lowlyworm

    lowlyworm Well-Known Member

    Performance. Never tried anything else. I turn off 4G when it's glitching, or if I'm using Trapster.
  20. schimm

    schimm Android Enthusiast

    Performance for me and my extended battery. I may only get ten miles per gallon out of my gas tank....but I got a big gas tank!
    Mr. Boom likes this.
  21. Mr. Boom

    Mr. Boom Android Enthusiast

    That's what i'm saying! I bought this thing for the performance. Why would i want to limit it? It ain't no apple!

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