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What program/app will let me swap files between my phone and pc through wifi from any wifi hotspot?

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by javahnjv13, Sep 11, 2011.

  1. javahnjv13

    javahnjv13 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I really want a way to make this happen. The basic reason is that i have a 2gb micro sd card so i have limited space for music. So i want to be able to take albums from my computer and swap them with albums on my phone whenever i am in wifi range. And i use Player Pro so i need the files to be on my sd card and not streaming. Is there anyway that i can do this? (Im willing to jump through hoops)

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  2. KaosStorm

    KaosStorm Well-Known Member

    Any cloud-like service will do. For example, Dropbox is a storage space where you can upload files from your PC and download them to your Android; you also can upload a file from your phone into the service and be able to download them in your personal PC or any other PC through their website.

    Let's say, you want to upload several of your favorite albums (2GB limit in the free one, a lot higher if you pay), they're going to be available for as long as you keep them there, and you can download them as many times as you like.
  3. javahnjv13

    javahnjv13 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Well the thing is that i have 30 gigs of music on itunes and i basically want to be able to choose as many albums that can fit on my phone and sync them to it through wifi and when i want to swap those for others i want to be able to delete the current ones and sync new ones. The only problem with dropbox is that i would have a 2gb limit so i would have to get on my computer to switch the songs that are syncable to my phone. I want to be able to browse my music library from my phone on wifi and select which albums to sync without the use of my home computer.
  4. Cant you buy a 32Gb Mico Sd Card?
  5. javahnjv13

    javahnjv13 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    That was my backup plan, but if its possible i would like to avoid that purchase.
  6. starxpilot

    starxpilot Android Enthusiast

    This isn't a bad idea, if your phone supports it. Plus if phone breaks, you can use the SD card on another one.

    With the limit, I'm unaware of a workaround.
  7. KaosStorm

    KaosStorm Well-Known Member

    Audiogalaxy lets you stream/sync your music library from your PC to your Android, but your PC must be on for that to happen. Also, if you want to queue folders or whatnot, I think you gotta pay.

    I echo the idea of buying a bigger SD, though; it just seems the easiest way out of your situation (as long as your phone supports a 32gig card; some only support 16gig ones).
  8. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate!
    VIP Member

    Are you in the US? Have you thought about Google Music?
  9. javahnjv13

    javahnjv13 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I've tried audiogalaxy but as far as i know it only streams and doesnt sync and yes i do live in the us but i dont want to have to go through the whole hassle of uploading my entire library to google music and plus i would have to use the google music player and i prefer player pro. I think i'll just invest in the larger sd card because my phone does support 32 gb cards.
  10. If you really do like your media, SanDisk is developing a 128gb sd card which should be out by christmas which is not too far away
  11. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor

    If its only for music, use SkyAmp. Its able to stream the music from your SkyDrive to play on your phone, and SkyDrive offers 25gb online stroage space.
  12. mryamaha

    mryamaha Lurker

    I don't know if this will help but if you go to the android market and punch in KIES Download
    Then the apps for WIFI File Transfer will come up (its free).
    Down load that and follow the direction's and it should help you.....It is easy ( if I can do it ) lol
  13. saintdanbert

    saintdanbert Well-Known Member

    I use "Remote Web Desktop"

    After you configure the app on your phone, it tells you a URL to use.
    Go to any browser -- ANY BROWSER -- and use that URL.

    At this point you get a "home page" that enable all sorts of activities
    on the 'droid running the app but controlled from the browser.
    If you only want to move one or two files, the web interfact is available.
    If you need to move many files, there is an FTP interface

    There is a free-trial edition and an inexpensive paid edition.

    Good luck,
    ~~~ 0;-Dan
  14. Another only music solution is doubletwist air sync. I personally enjoy using it.
  15. darkuni

    darkuni Android Enthusiast

    Subsonic for the win. It will do local, intelligent caching, streaming, playback, etc. And you get video too.

    Essentially, once you hit a wifi spot, queue up what you want, Subsonic will cache it. Then when you're not connected, play the cached files. You can set the cache size, etc.

    It's essentially Google Music without the BS.

    Hey, you wanted to jump through hoops ...

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