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What ROM/Kernal Combo for USB OTG support?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by awev, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. awev

    awev Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hello folks,
    I am wondering what ROM and Kernal combination do you use, and/or suggest, that suppors USB hosting (aka On-The-Go). 3D camera and 4G support is not important to me as I don't use, or don't have, it. I am rooted, S-ON, not sure I would even want to try the S-OFF trick.

    I have tried Harmonia (ver 3.17 - ROM) with different kernals, and get WiFi errors where I am not able to turn on WiFi, and it doesn't seem to enable OTG support. I have a N7 that I am typing this on, as my desktop is dead, and so I know that the OTG cable works (have a Logitech G510 keyboard plugged in, Cisco Linsys USB to Ethernet, Saitek X52 joysticks plugged in through a powered hub, all working (somewhat for joysticks)). If you have Harmonia working with a custom kernal and OTG working, how did you manage it?

    I am mainly interested in getting OTG working so I can test ethernet cables at work - work as a handyman, and sometimes I have to rewire a place, and pull cables. In two cases I pulled Cat-5e for new installations, and not connected to the internet yet. I can set up a desktop (maybe the N7) to act as a private server and test that way, yet I don't have a laptop to take from room to room, yet do have my phone.

    Not sure is I need a Sense based ROM or not, as I am not sure what Sense is.

    To summarize, looking for a ROM/Kernal combo that suports USB O-T-G, and any special notes on who you got it working. Sense based or not, I don't know, yet 3D and 4G not required.

    Thank you in advance for your help, advise, and suggestions.

    P.S.: When rooting the phone I tried following the directions outlined in one of the stickies (not the turn your phone into a Evo 3d, the other one), yet I had to use CWM instead of trwp,, I just could not get it to install, not even to the point of would it stick or not. I do have CWM and 4EXT installed.

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  2. nerdmastax

    nerdmastax Well-Known Member

    you need a powered usb otg cable, that might be your issue. also for lan cable testing this is what i use here cheaper one here
  3. awev

    awev Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the info. Yes, I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 (sgs2) powered USB cable ordered (2, actually, one for this, the other for the N7), and will be testing it when it arrives from China (hope that even at $1.27 each +S&H it does ok). I might consider the cheaper of the two testers, I don't need much, just need to know if the wiring is going to work or not.
  4. OverByter

    OverByter Resident Slide Rule Guru

  5. awev

    awev Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hi OverByte,
    Thanks for the link. It is actually that thread that got me interested, and why I ordered a powered USSB OTG S2 cable, and not just trying it with a cable that works with a N7 and powered hub.. And it was the begginners gulde to flashing, or the FAQs stickies, that helped me find a couple different kernels.

    I am having trouble singing uup on that other site, so I guess I can get the latest version of Midnight ROM and extrating the base.img file (is that correct), and then flashing it as the base.

    I guess that I am still looking for that magic combinatiion that works for me.
  6. OverByter

    OverByter Resident Slide Rule Guru

    If you're talking about Anthrax you just have to make an introductory post and then be approved by a mod, usually takes a couple of hours. The latest Midnight roms use the Buttered Toast kernel which is based on Anthrax without the proprietary HTC code. And yes if you want to go that route you can extract the kernel image from the rom. Good luck and let me know how you make out, after getting the powered usb cable I've been able to access my thumb drive using otg on this phone. OB

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