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What should I do first???!?! New Hero coming tomorrow

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by itpromike, Dec 10, 2009.

  1. itpromike

    itpromike Member
    Thread Starter

    Ok so my new Hero will be here tomorrow, what should I do first? I know I should probably get rid of that horrid stock ROM, but which do I get? Modaco, LoX 2.1 (Eclair) or what? What should I install? Should I erase and partition my SD card? What what what??? I'm so excited and I just can't hide it!!! What should I do first? :)

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  2. Jaffa

    Jaffa Android Expert

    Why is the stock ROM "horrible"?
  3. itpromike

    itpromike Member
    Thread Starter

    Because it's slow, unresponsive, and laggy. I had a sprint Hero and hated it but now I'm giving it a second chance since I can have 3G and AT&T
  4. iamkewl

    iamkewl Member

    Hate to break it to you but you're not gonna have 3G..
  5. Jaffa

    Jaffa Android Expert

    Im not sure what firmware and build you were running, but 1.5 running, is responsive and un laggy, Im not afraid of flashing ROM's but have had absolutly no need to, I have had this phone about a month now and its seemless in its performace.

    If you feel the need to change to a ModaCo ROM fill your boots, but its pointless in my opinion, Sense UI runs beautifully on the syock ROM imo, and with 2.1 in the pipeline why risk the brick? :-D

    First thing you should do is read the tips and tricks thread, then book a day off work, because you will want to play all day!!
  6. itpromike

    itpromike Member
    Thread Starter

    Of course I will, why wouldn't I?
  7. quantumrand

    quantumrand Android Expert

    AT&T 3G wont work with any of the European Heros; however, the Telus Hero will be compatible. I'd assume you're getting the Telus Hero and just being smug about it?

    As for your original question, the original 1.73.x.x ROM (with the Euro Hero's) was rather laggy, but the 2.73 update fixed it entirely. I personally am on MoDaCo 2.9, mostly for tethering.

    Now, if you do have a Telus branded Hero, I'm really not sure if the current custom ROMs and radios will even be compatible with it.

    However, I would stay away from the 2.1 test builds. They're highly unstable and have a lot of bugs. Not to mention they're missing the majority of apps you'd want (such as the Marketplace).
  8. itpromike

    itpromike Member
    Thread Starter

    I'm definitely getting the Telus version however I wasn't being smug about it, I figured it would be assumed since I said the reason I was getting it was because of AT&T and 3G; sorry. I'm not sure which ROM came with the Sprint one but I do know that thing was slow as glue moving up hill in a wind storm. Several applications even crashed a few times on me and there were also several times where the phone was just unresponsive for up to a minute... Not a great expirience, first impressions are everything. :-(
    Alas however since Telus got the Hero I've become interested in playing around again since it can take the custom ROMS. Also the fact that I could be on 3G was a plus... Sprint and verizons speeds are sooooo slow for data. Plus the whole no voice and data thing became a huge annoyance for me. No to mention I also hated the look of the Sprint model as they totally ruined the visual appeal. Anyhow I should be playing around with my new Hero by 3pm. :) Any good SD cards you'd recommend that I could pick up from a local best buy?
  9. dodgeram02

    dodgeram02 Newbie

    lol..I had a Iphone 3gs got bored with it.plus reception on teh Iphone blows..I had the T-mobile g1 when it came out.love the Android OS..anyway I treid the SPRINT HERO and I must say it was very laggy very slow..drove me nuts..so I kept ATT and I purchased a TELUS HERO on ebay..Just got it today and im lovin it..the 3g runs very fast on it..Data on SPRINT AN VERIZON is horrible..anyway Im lovin my TELUS HERO on ATT ...YA BABY!!! IF I run into any problems or issues I will post them here...
  10. dodgeram02

    dodgeram02 Newbie

    Im in your boat bud..ROCKIN A TELUS HERO ON ATT...

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