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What should I know coming from a Blackberry?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by UberPippi, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. UberPippi

    UberPippi Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I just got the Droid 2 after using Blackberry phones for many years. I had the Blackberry Curve, and then went to the Blackberry Tour. For other users that have switched from a Blackberry, what sorts of things should I be aware of that might have been something I took for granted on a Blackberry that might require more of a work around on a Droid?

    I'm trying to get fully integrated to google apps for simplicities sake. I know there's the Push email thing, but I'm hoping just using everything through GMail will help that problem. I transferred my calender to Gmail from my Blackberry by exporting it to a Yahoo in syncing, and then going to Yahoo and exporting it to Outlook CSV, and then importing the CSV to Google. That was a big problem. What else?

  2. infil

    infil Well-Known Member

    the biggest downfall to android from bbos is the mail boxes are NOT integrated into one inbox. That was the only thing i really missed coming from my storms and tours.

    Overall functionality of the android platform is definately better. The browser is miles ahead of blackberry now that we have flash support. The screen is also a nice upgrade hehe.

    The homescreen layout is easier to deal w/ on droid as you can customize it quite a bit better and have alot more room iirc, i know on the storm it wasn't too bad.

    The adjustment should be pretty quick hehe, welcome to the light of android!
  3. Sidecar

    Sidecar Lurker

    I tried to leave blackberry (4 years) for the N1, but the lack of copy / paste support across all applications and services held me back and I returned it. I'm considering giving the Droid 2 a chance, but I'm curious to hear from other blackberry users. How's the MS Office integration? Do we have Calendar sync yet? Any other issues I should know before I buy?
  4. DigitalSifu

    DigitalSifu Lurker

    I am also coming from Blackberry (AT&T Bold 9000 user, now with Droid2 on VZ).

    One thing that has frustrated me for now is cut/copy/paste. Seems like it was way easier on the BB. Is there a good tutorial for doing this, especially for our Droid 2?

    Of particular note, with BB you could cut/copy/paste across apps... but doesn't seem the case here. Please educate me on this, as I love this phone and platform!
  5. Sidecar

    Sidecar Lurker

    DigitalSifu, you may have just saved me a restocking fee. I was going to get one of these today. I can hardly believe this hasn't been addressed yet. I figured copy/paste would be clunkier than on the blackberry, but I thought you'd at least be able to do it. Hopefully there's just a trick to it that someone can enlighten us about, otherwise I guess I'm back to waiting for the next Android OS and hoping that can copy paste.
  6. DigitalSifu

    DigitalSifu Lurker

    Sidecar let me just clarify. You CAN copy/paste. However, I would definitely call it clunky compared to a BB. Copy/paste on webpages is pretty straight forward... but as I stated, by concern is going between apps.

    I discovered this when my wife asked me to send her some info via text that I had written in my Memopad app (MemoG I think its called). I soon realized that I couldn't copy the info from my memo and simply drop it into my SMS text. Actually, I couldn't copy it at all.

    Is this a deal breaker to make me go back to BB?... no. However, it does suck and Google needs to get it in major gear on making cut/copy/paste seamless and integrated throughout the whole OS experience... period.
  7. raealexis

    raealexis Lurker

    I am new to droid from blackberry as well. If this has been addressed in another forum, sorry!!
    What is the easiest way to copy my address book from my bb to my droid? :rolleyes:
  8. Super_Six_Two

    Super_Six_Two Android Enthusiast

  9. infil

    infil Well-Known Member

    yeah, copy/paste is definitely a pita vs bb. as far as calender sync iirc you can sync outlook to gmail and that will sync to the phone.
  10. Sidecar

    Sidecar Lurker

    Yeah, I decided when I had to break out a pencil and paper to write down IP addresses, FedEx tracking numbers, and website passwords in order to transfer them from one app on my "smart" phone to another app on the same phone, that the OS on my Nexus One was not ready for prime time. I'm sorry to see that that still seems to be the case.

    Could someone lay this out for us?

    With the droid 2 can you:

    Copy/paste from one email to another in the Gmail app?
    Copy/paste from one email to another in the non-gmail app?
    Copy/paste from gmail app to sms?
    Copy/paste from non-gmail app to sms?
    Copy/paste from browser to email?
    Copy/paste from email to address book?
    Copy/paste from address book to email?
    Copy/paste from email to address book?
    Copy paste from sms to address book?
    Copy/paste from sms to google maps?
    Copy/paste from email to google maps?
    Copy/paste from browser to google maps?
  11. DigitalSifu

    DigitalSifu Lurker

    Here's how I did it...

    If you don't already have a gmail acount, make one (obvious, but had to say it). Next was that I downloaded google sync to my BB and did a sync with my gmail account (I already had one). Once you get the android phone, you just register with that same gmail account upon start up and BANG... u have all your contacts.

    Only thing is... the first part of this needs to be done while you still have service to the BB.

    Hope that helps.

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