Accessories What size sd card are you using?


Hey guys, I'm curious what size/brand SD card you are using. I was thinking about picking up a 16g card. Point me in the right direction for a good price.


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I will be getting the 32 when it comes WAY down in price. For now I snagged a 16gb off of ebay for $20 I think it was, and NO it wasn't from China, it came from Texas. :D


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32 GB isnt worth the money to me yet, i dont even have my 16 GB filled. I dont watch movies to often on the phone and with Pandora, Slacker, Iheart radio etc....i dont need to load it will mp3s really either


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The 16gb I got from China didn't work at all, so... I'm using an 8gb for the moment until I can get the 16 replaced. if it works, I'll return the 8 to Radioshack. :D


Haha, I'm a little behind, using the 2G that came with it, saving up for a TOPRAM 16G class 6. Should have it in about a month, gotta get the extended battery first!