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What smartphone feature do you never use?

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by lunatic59, Sep 3, 2015.

  1. Hadron

    Hadron Smoke me a kipper...
    VIP Member

    Do Aeroflot still train pilots to perform instrument landings by pulling blinds down in the cockpit on fully loaded passenger flights?

    Just curious ;)

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  2. mikedt

    mikedt 你好

    Nope, and Aeroflot doesn't let the pilots' children fly the aircraft these days...
    Moscow to Hong Kong on Aeroflot, I've done that route as well.

    My objective is an easy, cost effective, quick and safe way to get from China to UK and back again.

    Yeh....derailed threads.. LOL
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  3. PrinceCorwin

    PrinceCorwin Android Expert

    Fingerprint reader. I'm not sure if it's safe
  4. dan330

    dan330 Extreme Android User

    I don't use:
  5. 12noon

    12noon Newbie

    I don't use my phone as a sat-nav and i've never used the book reader. One of the silliest things is that i hardly ever use my phone to actually talk to people. I do answer my phone if someone rings me, but in the two years that i've had this phone i bet you could count on one hand how many times ive actually rang someone up.
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  6. hiredgun

    hiredgun Android Expert

    I have to agree with you there, and I have something like over 1oo free minutes a month and I still don't call anyone!! I do think it's a good idea to answer when THEY call though, as you pointed out, lol.

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  7. PrinceCorwin

    PrinceCorwin Android Expert

    Call someone? You can do that?
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  8. dan330

    dan330 Extreme Android User

    I thought only iphones makes calls!!! didn't they invent that?
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  9. codesplice

    codesplice Elite Recognized Moderator

    Miracast / other screen mirroring feature. There's nothing that I do on my smartphone that would be better served by blowing it up to a larger screen while keeping the same resolution.

    Casting content via Chromecast, on the other hand, is a feature I use almost daily.
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  10. PrinceCorwin

    PrinceCorwin Android Expert

    Ditto and ditto
  11. dan330

    dan330 Extreme Android User

    oh .. and the mulit screen / multi tasking.

    I really want to use it.. I need to use it... but it is too hard.
    it does not reconfigure in a way for me to use... cuts off what I need to access or see.
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  12. Robert7107

    Robert7107 Android Enthusiast

  13. PrinceCorwin

    PrinceCorwin Android Expert

    Yeah, haven't seen a practical use for that either. I think a lot of these functions like the multi screen in the NFC are for people that don't know how to accomplish things the way people like us on these forums know how to do them
  14. codesplice

    codesplice Elite Recognized Moderator

    I'm a big fan of NFC - particularly with the new and improved Android Pay that just launched. I've also used it a lot in the past for quickly "beaming" apps and other information from one device to another without requiring any sort of pairing, and also for triggering various profiles and automation with Tasker. In fact, I'd say NFC is one of my favorite hardware features - I'm way more interested in that than I am in expandable storage.

    Just to name a few practical uses of NFC.... ;)
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  15. PrinceCorwin

    PrinceCorwin Android Expert

    Guess I just haven't needed that instant transfer yet. All my stuff gets synced to all the devices in my home via Dropbox /Dropsync. When I save something it's on the other devices in seconds.
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  16. Nomusa53

    Nomusa53 Newbie

    WiFi Direct = No but headphones & Hotspot = yes (to connect Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 when there's no WiFi)
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  17. Curtis1973

    Curtis1973 Android Expert

    Bluetooth. Absolutely no use to me. Tried it once years back but after that never really bother with it. Dont use developers options except to turn on usb debugging.
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  18. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guest

    I've previously stated NFC was low on my go-to/gotta have features,but,if Android Pay/Samsung Pay gain traction in the places/areas I frequent,I may change my tune.
    A BTW/PSA:
    If anyone was curious as to if rooting breaks either Android Pay or Samsung Pay,ATM it appears so.
    Android Pay no workee on my rooted Note 5 or LG G Stylo.
    However,as soon as I removed root from the Stylo,it loaded up.
    On both when rooted,I got this Nasty-Gram:
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  19. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guest

    Sorry to stray off-topic a bit,but,this is promising:

    I unrooted my LG G STYLO (still had TWRP installed) & successfully installed ANDROID PAY,ready to go.
    Then,I re-rooted & Android Pay is still ready to go.
    Gonna ODIN my NOTE5 back to stock & try this out
    Although the root process is a bit different,I'm hoping for the best...................
  20. Tringle

    Tringle Lurker

    The FM radio. Because Samsung in its infinite wisdom unilaterally and incorrectly decided that this was a feature I did not need.
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  21. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guest

    I would actually welcome this w/a real functioning antenna as many of the phones in other markets have.
    I do not use wired earbuds (which act as the antenna),so,I kinda feel your pain.
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  22. Podivin

    Podivin Android Expert

    Don't use NFC or the fingerprint scanner.
    I use the headphone jack, but I plug a Square card reader into it. It's been decades since I used headphones of any sort for music (thank you bluetooth).
    I use the IR blaster semi-regularly, but never at home. I use it to turn off/down too loud TVs at restaurants. I know, I'm a bad person, but not once has anyone ever said "Hey, why is the TV volume so low?"
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  23. Tringle

    Tringle Lurker

    [QUOTE="KOLIO, post: 7082518, memb how theer: 383516"
    I do not use wired earbuds (which act as the antenna),so,I kinda feel your pain.[/QUOTE]
    Yes you can see how the economics work though. Nothing in it for the carriers if Joe user listens to FM radio. But Internet radio is using up some of the data allowance. Samsung bowing to pressure or making decisions on features which maximise their products' attractiveness?
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  24. It has been a long time since I had a phone with a FM radio.

    I did not use ear buds. As memory serves me I had an ear bud cable with the buds chopped off and this when inserted in the headphone jack provided the antenna. The two severed leads were NOT connected. Sound came form the speaker.

    ... Thom
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  25. sleedeane

    sleedeane Android Expert

    The camera. Once in a blue moon I might take a picture of something.
    Almost seems like a waste having such a nice camera and never using it.
    I also don't use the fingerprint scanner.

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