What SMS App Do You Use (Other Than Stock)


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I'm kinda torn between Handcent Next SMS and Yaata(Yet Another Android Texting App)... I love Next's advanced themeing and Yaata's floating chatheads, wished I could get floating chathead's in Next, but I've tried so many thing's that fail to do it properly Floatify, Dashdow SMS (Doesn't show sent sms from within dashdow in default sms app) and even Floating Texts Pro: SMS Popup.

I'm hoping the Yaata developer listens well and add's wallpapers to the app, he did add (I believe) custom per contact sms ringtones when I requested it, I know sometimes it's impossible to add thing's that aren't able to be implemented into something that's already been laid out for awhile without a whole overhaul and rework, but this app is really getting nicer and nicer.

Any other floating popup chathead sms app options? I've tried a couple handfuls and none of them are as nice as Yaata!




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I'm interested in Textra. Iv just installed it a few days ago...havnt had chance to use yet but I have heard a lot of good things about it.
I used GoSms when I first jumped on the Android bandwagon loved all the features and the themes but its a rather heavy app to use. I enjoyed the idea of hangouts as u can free message but I was tired of ppl not having gosms to free message with.
From there I used Hangouts for Meany years as I still do for those that I free message.
As far as text message goes once the STK Android messenger had it's material update I continued to use that for STK messages. Nothing wrong with STK messenger works well. But doesn't have all the latest features if u want more.
So Textra for me it is for now