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what the difference between the S and HD

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mrdagz, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. mrdagz

    mrdagz Member
    Thread Starter

    when i read that there was a new range of HTC Phone and one was the Desire S i thought it would be the replacement for the Desiger HD.

    but looking at the spec, it has the same amount of RAM and same Processor,5 Mp Cam where the Desiger HD had an 8 and a 400Mb more interal memory.

    so i am confussed why would I want this phone above the HD ?

    or will we get and HD S in a few months ?

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  2. partridge

    partridge Android Enthusiast

    Who knows, HTC seems to have lost sight of what made them the best Android phone maker! Hopefully the second half of 2011 will see them release something worthwhile.

    The thing is, even if you're new to Android, there are handsets by the likes of Samsung and Sony that are far better and will probably be available for the same monthly fee.
  3. mrdagz

    mrdagz Member
    Thread Starter

  4. matttye

    matttye Android Expert

    You're not supposed to want it above the Desire HD you're supposed to want it above the Desire. It's the successor to the Desire.

    Most of the complaints about the Desire have been addressed :-

    - Front facing camera
    - More internal memory for apps
    - Slightly larger battery and more efficient processor (= better battery life)
    - Wireless N support
    - Android Gingerbread
    - Aluminium Unibody design rather than plastic/creaky (as some people describe)

    It also has ~200MB additional RAM, not that I saw anybody complain about the Desire's RAM!

    Their marketing quite clearly states "The phone of the year has evolved" and "Here's an idea: Take the best and make it better," so it supposed to be an incremental upgrade to the HTC Desire, which is exactly what it is.
  5. mrdagz

    mrdagz Member
    Thread Starter

    which indicates that there will be a replacement for the HD at somepoint to. My contract is not up till June, but i am following what is going on so i know which phone to upgrade to when it is time.

    My hero is starting to strugle with some of the new apps and games :(
  6. Mohsin

    Mohsin Newbie

    I'll probably get the Desire S. My Hero contract runs out end of March, and this comes out at the end of April. Nice timing indeed. As stated, this is a successor to the already fantastic HTC Desire. It's not revolutionary, it's just taking a quality phone and making it slightly better. No qualms with that.

    Successor to the Desire HD will come in Q4, but I have no need for a phone like that. I don't like the Desire HD in the first place, although I would be interested in a successor to the Desire Z if one were announced in Q4. As it stands, I'll most likely get this alongside a sim-only deal. Giffgaff might be an idea, but Vodafone and other (UK) networks have some great sim-only deals.

    Of note, this phone has been put up for pre-order on Amazon UK today, priced at
  7. Ziani

    Ziani Android Expert

    I am soo tempted with the Desire S...my contract has just ended :D
  8. photon00

    photon00 Well-Known Member

    Indeed it is an improvement on the Desire, but I wouldn't say it is one years worth of evolution. Look at where the competition are: Samsung, LG and Moto are rolling out dual core beasts. I love HTC but they look to have fallen behind with the Desire S, Incredible S and HTC flyer. I hope they wow us in the 3rd and 4th quarters of the year. There is definitely no wow right now.
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  9. Morat

    Morat Well-Known Member

    Desire S is a perfect evolution of the Desire and will capture some decent market share for business handsets. The main issue with the current Desire from the business PoV was battery life, and it looks like HTC have finally cracked that while making the phone a little bit smaller and neater. Also, an aluminium case will make the whole thing feel that bit more robust and "premium" which matters a lot to the sort of users who just say "Get me smartphone" and don't have a clue what the true differences are. They probably want to say "Get me an iPhone4" but aren't quite far enough up the totem pole.

    I don't see the HD as a replacement for the Desire at all - it is far too big and well, if you'll forgive me, nerdy to be used by most business users. Streaming video/DVD - you play those on your laptop back in the hotel room if you feel like it. I think that we're seeing a fork in the range here. HD and replacement for the hard core phone geeks (like me) and Desire for going after people who just want a damn good phone at a good price. I don't think the future is too rosy for Blackberry if this strategy works.

    No, I'm sure the HD will have it's own replacement - possibly the quad core monster that people seem to be salivating over further up the thread. It won't be any use to business customers with a big power hungry screen and processor but a nice sleek Desire S with it's excellent activesync, easy to use TouchFlo, decent battery life and aluminium case is a real contender for serious use. I've got a few users on Desires right now and they're happy - but they'd be happier with the Desire S because the main complaint is about battery life.

    just my 2p
  10. njd

    njd Lurker

    1. The battery is bigger
    2. Easier to hold & operate with one hand
    3. You could put it in your pocket and still sit down.

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