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What the eff wrong with all these effing browsers?!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by v4705, Aug 2, 2010.

  1. v4705

    v4705 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Half of the websites make the browser crash, and the wierd thing thats happand with all of the browsers I tried.

    Wwwwhhhaaattsss wrong with this evil machine?!

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  2. Robinelli

    Robinelli Android Enthusiast

    I settled with Opera Mini. It works on this phone. I tried several before it. Now, it is somewhat slower than the innate browser, but it isn't too slow, and is much better.
  3. aci78

    aci78 Well-Known Member

    Opera works great for me. Never had any websites crash, and I havent noticed taht it runs slow. Way faster than Dolphin, thats for sure.
  4. pantlesspenguin

    pantlesspenguin Android Enthusiast

    Stop looking @ pr0n ;). I still use the native browser. The only time it messes up is when it can't display a page for some reason, but it always fixes itself in a few seconds.
  5. Swizz

    Swizz Android Enthusiast

    All I read was "Get rid of your smartphone".

  6. kbohip

    kbohip Well-Known Member

    No browsers work right for me except Opera. Sad, sad stuff on a piece of equipment costing this much money.
  7. AF_Commando

    AF_Commando Lurker

    default browser works fine for me. never had it crash once.
  8. robo21

    robo21 Android Expert

    Same here. :cool:
  9. floepie

    floepie Member

    Will Froyo ship with a browser that has bookmark folder capability? It seems Opera is the only one that has folders at the moment a la iphone. Are there any others??

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