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what the hell?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Infinite-t, Aug 13, 2010.

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    Well, I'm on my second Capt. My first one had some issues. The worst being FCing when the phone rang... yea.. no good.

    Well this new one hasn't done that, and the GPS seems to be working... for now. BUT... I was beginning to do the battery "burn in" process on this one. If I was thinking, I would have asked to keep the battery from the old one. It was doing awesome. I was getting about 2 days of regular use out of it!

    So anyway. I burned the battery down to zero the first time, then plugged in. I let it sit another 20 min then turned it on. When it booted up, I noticed it showed the battery at 60%! I was like, damn! That was quick. So I used the phone moderately today and bairly got 8 hours out of it. So I plugged in and went to take a shower. About 15 minutes later, I turned the phone back on. The charging screen before I turned the phone on showed about 15% percent or so. One I was in the OS, I noticed it looked higher. I opened the status indicator and it showed "charging" and 61%. I know there is no way it is that high after such a short time. So what's the deal? Is the indicator wrong? Or does the battery or phone think the battery is 60% full when it is really near dead? Am I only getting 40% of the actual battery life because of this? Has anyone headed.of this or have it happen to them? Is the.battery bad? Do I need to get a new battery or ANOTHER Capt.?
    Damnit, this is such a nice piece.of hardware and android is amazing... but my faith in Samsung is nearly non existant. I don't want to go back to apple, and blackberry and winmo don't float my boat... if HTC or moto made a high end android phone... well.. it would be a no brainer.

    Any advice about this battery issue?


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    Sometimes the battery indicators take a while to calibrate correctly. For now, try downloading a battery widget from market.

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