What the what??? (Kurt Cobain)


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I thought about posting this in the music or current affairs subforums, but since it rather overlaps both and there may be other general interest, I decided to drop it in here.

I hadn't heard anything about there being any question regarding the nature of Kurt Cobain's death (and freely admit that I haven't watched the "documentary" referenced in the petition). The references in the petition seem to be largely a summary/recapitulation of what there is in the documentary. Still, if the references are accurate, it sure seems like it would be reasonable to reopen it.

That said, I can say that if I were taking it on myself to start a petition on change.org to try and convince a Police Chief to reopen an investigation, I'd at least pass it by a few folks for proofreading. ;) I think I'd also really aim it at the prosecutor's office...since they could convene a grand jury. Still...

Dear Seattle Police Department,

I believe a great injustice might have been committed in the case of Kurt Donald Cobain.



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Yea I had heard some debate about Courtney Love having something to do with it. How true that rings I think we will never know. TBF he was depressed and obviously the copious amounts of booze and drugs could edge him towards it. I don't really have a theory as I was only a child at the time so had no insight to their relationship. I haven't seen the documentary either, I would like to see it though. His biography is a good read though. I bought it many year a go and read a few times. There are snippets from his diary in there where you really realise how bad he was at times.
What an absolute ledgend...how different might the world be now if he hadn't died back then, think he may have something to say about the slew of children singing through synthesisers about "love" and sex and also just general nothing, just as long as they look good on the album cover :D


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Sadly, he was an alcoholic and addict and they often take their own lives or have short ones. I almost died several times when in the depths of mine - at my own hands. Nothing to see here, don't believe the conspiracy theories. I doubt Courtney has that much power to kill him. She was also pretty effed up with her own demons of addiction.


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The man killed himself. People need to let it go. People were accusing Love of having someone to do with it right after he killed himself.


I've seen his death certificate in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland, so no doubt.
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