Help what to do about .face files?

What can i do about the .face files? Thx


While trying to clean up some files I ran across the .face files. Anyone know what they are and what happens if I delete them?



Galaxy tab2 10.1 5113 4.0.4


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I've never heard of them. My first guess would be face unlock but that's based simply on the name

Is it on the sd card?


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From what I gathered, they are little thumbnails based on the face recognition of the camera and other downloaded images.
I opened a few of my .face files and oddly, one was a thumbnail image of part of a picture that I took of a vehicle...the thumbnail was the wheel of the vehicle.
Another .face file I opened was a thumbnail of again, the wheel, of a car wallpaper I had downloaded off of Zedge.
Wierd, I know, right? Why? I dont know. Can you delete them? I don't see why not, I deleted one of the thumbnails and I went back to the picture of where it came from, and there was no difference.

Edit: found this too: