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What to do when rooted

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ChryzaorFlux, Dec 8, 2011.

  1. ChryzaorFlux

    ChryzaorFlux Android Enthusiast
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    Ok firstly there are a number of things you can do to improve your performance and other stuff you can do now that you have opened a window of opportunity by rooting.

    Colour-coded topics
    # - Everyone can do
    # - ROM specific

    1) Overclocking or Undervolting
    Basically it is increasing/decreasing the preset processing speed values, a Wildfire has the default processing speed of 528MHz max & 480MHz min, you can change the max speed and min speeds using apps such as SETCPU (pay) or CPU tuner or CPU Control Lite, some ROMs, (probably AOSP ROMs like CyanogenMod) may have the ability to overclock or undervolt without those apps. Personally I think SETCPU is better because you can implement certain profiles at certain states, e.g. lower speeds when charging, screen off, even your sleeping

    2) Deleting stock apps
    When you flash (install) a ROM, you will get apps that are already installed. HTC (Sense) ROMs normally have loads of apps which you would like to get rid of, when you do delete these apps your internal memory will greatly increase depending on the size of those deleted apps. To do this you need Android Terminal Emulator or any similar app
    Here is a link to help you do it -> Deleting stock apps - (This isnt me btw)
    For all the people who have the "read only file" problem.
    Do the following:
    mount -o remount,rw -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblk3 /system
    rm /system/app/(File name here).apk

    3) Increase SD card read speed
    Sometimes you may notice when processing involving your SD card are in progress such as browsing through it, playing games etc. are kind of slow or might lag. Use SD Speed Increase this will edit the SD card cache size, increasing it to 1024kb or 2048kb (optimum speeds for Wildfire) will increase the performance of your device

    4) Move ALL app data to SD card
    You will notice when you open manage applications that some apps you have take up like 5MB, 8MB or even 15MB. You might be running out of internal space and would like to free some up.
    Use MOVE2SD Enabler, what this does is that it allow your to move ALL your app data to your SD card, till will lower the amount of memory each app will consume thus increasing your internal memory

    5) Change the default font
    If you want to remodel your phone, then changing the font could do a massive improvement since you see text almost everywhere.
    Download Font changer it does exactly what it says, your fonts have to be in .ttf (true type font) and placed in your SD card under the folder .fontchanger

    6) Optimize your RAM without a task manager
    You know how you exit an app but it is still there in the background eating away at your RAM causing your performance to slack, not to worry our friends at XDA Developers have found a way to solve this (regards to Juwe11), you will notice less lag, more smoothness and increased performance - INSTANTLY
    Paid app - RAM Manager
    Free app - RAM Manager

    7) Manage app permissions
    Ok, you download an apps and you notice over time that you are constantly using data, some apps use data without your consent. But dont worry LBE Privacy Guard is just the perfect solution
    This app allows you to totally control all your apps permissions, if you dont want a specific app to access the internet, use this app to block it from ever using it, other permissions such as sending texts, making calls, reading contacts, phone ID etc. can be managed

    8) Custom MTD Partitions (Not for (HTC) Sense-based ROMs)
    For those who want more memory, smoother performance. Thats everyone right?
    Click here
    Utilizes your internal memory better
    Removes the needs for Apps2SD Scripts
    Gives you a potentially smoother and stabler device (Apps will always be more "stable" when in the internal memory then when on EXT)

    9) Theme Chooser Themes... There's over 300!!!
    If you have a ROM which already has Theme Chooser and you want to look for themes, then this link here and here is your solution. You've read the title... there's over... 300!!!!! (plus the others i added in the link) :p

    10) Change your ROM!!!
    For those times when your sick of your ROM lagging, crashing and pretty much getting on your nerves, or you just want to try a new UI, whatever the reason, changing your ROM is great if you want something new besides CyanogenMod or Sense ROMs
    Here is a direct link to a XDA Developers page where you have many Wildfire ROMs <-
    Some ROMs are not in that page, on the Wildfire development section, you can locate the others

    11) Change your boot animation
    Ive just changed my boot animation, so thought i might as well share how i did it with you guys, remember you can post a comment if your unsure of anything - Here is a link to some boot animations >Here< there are probably loads on the internet, you just have to search for them

    I used Root Explorer to do it, its a very reliable file manager for processes with require root, alternatively use Super Manager
    Im assuming youve already downloaded your boot animation and its on your SD card,
    (remember to rename your boot animation bootanimation and the file extension should be .zip, so it should look like this bootanimation.zip)

    As usual make sure you perform a nandroid backup incase anything goes wrong, like a bootloop.

    Make sure you have read/write permissions
    1) Locate your bootanimation.zip
    [It is stored in /system/app or /data/local (some times it might be stored in both, focus on the one found at /data/local because the CPU gives that one more priority)]
    2) Copy your boot animation to a memorable place in your SD card
    3) Go back to your bootanimation in /system/media or /data/local and rename it oldbootanimation.zip (becareful not to change to file extension name, this is a backup)
    4) Locate your boot animation that you want to to, and copy it to /data/local or /system/media, (remember it should be named bootanimation.zip not bootanimation.zip.zip)
    5) Reboot

    12) Move your apps into your system app storage
    I have only tested this on CyanogenMod, i will soon test using a Sense ROM (I have edited this process because sometimes the file manager way doesnt work)
    Im using CyanogenMod 7.1.0, and a script loaded into the ROM which is very beneficial - lower the amount of data system applications take, let me give you an example:
    I moved a theme which i use from /data/app/ (where apps that have not been moved to your sd card are stored) to /system/app (where system apps are stored).
    Originally the app took up 6.58MB, now it takes up well 216kb
    (To do this with apps on your SD card, you have to move it first to your internal memory)
    The data decrease will greater for some apps but not all, only certain apps will be reduced to around 200kb or less, apps such as themes
    But test it out yourself and post your results

    The actual process - it should work 99% of the time (i made it myself and tested it on a variety of apps) Make sure the application you want to move is in your internal memory not moved to your sd card
    Using Terminal follow these commands
    cd (path to your .apk) [e.g. cd /sdcard (if the file is not stored in any folders in your sdcard)]
    pm install (file name).apk [e.g. pm install GoSMS.apk]
    mv /data/app/(filename).apk /system/app [e.g. mv /data/app/GoSMS.apk /system/app]

    To sum up what ive done, first the sd card was entered, then the application in the sd card was installed to my internal memory, i moved it from my internal memory to my system applications then rebooted my device

    13) Update your baseband = greater mobile signal (Change your recovery image)
    For those times where your wondering around trying to find a place with adequate signal to receive that text/call from that special someone or your just frustrated that you cant get any signal what so ever, changing your baseband is sure to help... here's what to do

    *You must have a recovery version older (lower) than for this to work* ("ClockworkMod 3.x only supports installing ROMs using Edify, (i.e. updater-script and binary), and not Amend (update-script). This is because Google actually got rid of Amend in cupcake" - quoted from here)
    If you do have a version newer than not to work, i have a way to install an older version, if you have a older version like proceed with #2
    ----1)Installing an older recovery image----
    # Download a recovery image (get from my dropbox here)
    # Put it in the root of your sdcard (in your sdcard but not in any folders)
    # Download/Open Terminal Emulator (There are download links in topic 2 and 13)
    # Enter these commands:
    flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery-clockwork-
    After this your phone will boot up and presto you have now installed CW recovery, if your device doesnt reboot, just pull out and replace the battery then turn it on.

    ----2)Updating your baseband----
    Download a baseband suitable for the Wildfire, (this one improved my signal >here<)
    # Put in in the root of your sd card
    # Open Clockwork Recovery
    # Select 'install .zip from sdcard' then select 'choose .zip from sdcard'
    # Find and select your radio/baseband file, then select yes
    # Wait till its finished installing and your done :D

    Thats all for now folks, ill be posting more stuff to do when I have time or have new ideas. Feel free to comment for any help or problems :)

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  2. ChryzaorFlux

    ChryzaorFlux Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Hey guys
    In this section of my post i will be displaying images of how you can make your phone look awesome with widgets/themes/wallpapers etc.

    1) My current home screen
    Not too bad for a Wildfire eh?

    2) Modded bootanimation
    After a good hour, i finally was able to figure out for myself how to create a bootanimation and modify existing ones to fit the Wildfire's resolution, - they seem kind of slow on my device, post your thoughts if you download them
    Red helix
    CyanogenMod 9
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  3. raamishmk

    raamishmk Lurker

    Hello ChryzaorFlux
    Please Let me know which rom and various mods and tweaks you have done to achieve this wildfire home screen.(It looks pure BADASS :D)
    Please list me your rom,kernel,launcher etc. and other things like this beautiful and stunning clock widget.:)
    I would really appreciate your help.:):)
    Thanks in advance.:)
  4. ChryzaorFlux

    ChryzaorFlux Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Hey dude
    I didnt really do much besides downloading an app to make it look like that :D

    From what I remember:
    The UI is from Lunar UI Trans - If you have CyanogenMod and its derivatives you should have "Theme Chooser". Just download the Lunar apk, open up theme chooser then select it.

    Rom: CyanogenMod 7.2
    Kernel: (comes with CM 7.2)
    Launcher: ADW (comes with CM 7.2)
    Clock widget: mClock
    Icons: ->Right here<- (scroll down until you see a picture of 7 icons in a row)
    Wallpaper: ->Another world<-

    That's pretty much it, to be honest i've gotten sick of my Wildfire and not as enthusiastic with mods, hopefully my HTC One comes soon :rolleyes:

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