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What to do with a VM SGS3 L710T [VM] ?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by KathyX, Apr 10, 2016.

  1. KathyX

    KathyX Lurker
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    History: I unknowingly bought a L710T for my Virgin Mobile service. I found and installed OctOS CM12 with great results. This new radio gets way better reception than the old model. However, the recent update to CM13 has problems with the phone dialer and other apps stopping unexpectedly. I have TWRP, GAPPS Micro, and CAPPS. Baseband is L710TVPU0AOA3.

    With massive antiquated info out there, I do not understand what ROMs are available and verified for this phone.

    Can some people please recommend? Please include links.

  2. Morpheus274

    Morpheus274 Well-Known Member

    I advise SNAPSHOT d2spr roms. cm12.1 is da latest. Any cm13 I used would cause front camera to fail. But 12.1 works great. If you need link to rom. Lemme know. I have the same phone and it's my daily driver for now.
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