Root What to do with Darky's Rom 9.2 Exteme Edition?

Hello guys :)

I am new to these forums, so Hi :D.

Some time ago, I tried to update my Galaxy S to Gingerbread via Samsung Kies. Because of that, I bricked my phone because after the update, my phone got stuck at the booting screen. I became very upset and stressed a lot! I heard about flashing roms before and I searched on the internet for possible roms I could flash on it. I learned about Recovery Mode, Download Mode and roms obviously. I did root my phone succesfully before all this stuff btw.

After a while, I found out the combination to go into Download Mode. If you guys were wondering how my telephone looked when I bricked it, it looked like this:

Moving on, like I said, I could go to Download Mode, and tried to look for the stock Froyo rom since I was too scared to flash anything else on it. I already downloaded the Darky's Rom onto my computer though. I did not notice I flashed Darky's Rom on my mobile phone instead of the Froyo Stock Rom via Odin. Suprisingly, it fixed the whole issue, and my phone was unbricked.

Now I am using Darky's Rom for quite some time, and I noticed it made my phone extremely fast and the battery doesn't die so fast anymore. But what more can I do with it?


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That "brick" you had is know as a "soft brick", just for future refrence:D
9.2 is quite old,Try updating to one of darkys gingerbread roms(10.X) or even 9.5! I use 9.5 and have no issues, updating to his 10.2 soon to see how I personally like it!


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Well I think once you have it you should just be happy that it works. You don't need to do anything else more with it. Download more Apps and enjoy!