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What to replace Commando with?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Ragnian, Mar 27, 2016.

  1. Ragnian

    Ragnian Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I really like the Casio Commando but it is finally getting to the point that some of the newer apps I use are just too slow with it :-(

    What are people moving too? (I really would like to keep the ruggedness and ability to change batteries)

    Is there another Casio commando like phone on the horizon with anyone?

  2. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guest

    Are you restricted to a particular network,or,are you open to use anyone?
  3. MikeDilligaf

    MikeDilligaf Newbie

    I've been keeping an eye on rugged phones compatiable with Verizon to eventually replace mine. I just gave my son my upgrade and his upgrade will be available at the end of this year.

    One that caught my eye after some research is the CAT 50c. Only drawback for me, is it does NOT have a removable battery - although the battery has a much higher capacity then the Commando though I'm not a real heavy app user and pretty much I just use it as a phone and keeping up with my emails, so that may not be a real big issue for me.

    Anyway, it is NOT available through Verizon - it's only available through the CATPHONE website. Current price is $399.00. Not that you would be getting an S7 or iPhone camparable phone (specs), the price is not that bad. I would have to start a 'swear jar' to save up myself LOL.

    Here's the link for their Verizon version phone (and they do have other phones compatible with other networks ..... http://www.catphones.com/en-us/phones/s50c-smartphone
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  4. rjglenn

    rjglenn Android Enthusiast

    I replaced my Casio with a Galaxy S5 Active. It's a nice phone but it is not even a little bit water resistant. I used it in a pool area - not even in the water - and it no longer works. So... that was a fail.
  5. Ragnian

    Ragnian Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks everyone! I am a Verizon customer so the CATPHONE is probably the best advice for me. Kind of a bummer that there is NOTHING current in the same league as the C811....it will be on of those phones I will miss.

    I looked at the current LG and Samsung, LG removable battery not waterproof at all, Samsung waterproof but you can not remove the battery. :-(

    Thanks for the link to the CAT phone.
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  6. MikeDilligaf

    MikeDilligaf Newbie

    Let us know how the CAT phone works out. I'm several months away from upgrading so any info would be greatly appreciated!

    PS - one posting found here on AndroidForums - not much info but did just ask how it's working out

  7. Ragnian

    Ragnian Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I certainly will though I m tempted to wait for the CAT S60.....
  8. MikeDilligaf

    MikeDilligaf Newbie

    Will it be available on Verizon?

    I'm certainly no expert, but I just looked at the specs and it and it says the band is GSM. Verizon and Sprint use CDMA.

    Google >>>>> "Some carriers, like TMobile and Cingular use GSM so this phone will work. However, Verizon and Sprint always use CDMA. If you bought the above phone to use it on a CDMA network, such as Verizon or Sprint, you would be disappointed to find out it will not work. There is no way to convert phones, either."

    Specs = GSM/GPRS/EDGE

    GPRS is assocaited with GSM - not sure what EDGE is.
  9. runsondiesel

    runsondiesel Member

    Edge is a GSM data "protocol". Not an expert either so I'm not sure what the right term is, but I know it's for GSM and roughly 3G speed.
  10. runsondiesel

    runsondiesel Member

    I replaced my Commando 4G in December of 2014 with a Kyocera Brigadier and never looked back. 4.5" HD screen vs 4" non-HD, quad core processor vs dual core, 2 GB RAM vs 1, double the internal storage, sd card. Same rugged attributes for shock and water (mil spec 810G). VZW has updated it to 5.1.1 Lollipop. The only downside vs the Commando is the non-removable battery. It is 3100 mah though so I get good life out of it.

    They're still being sold by VZW for $399. http://www.verizonwireless.com/smartphones/kyocera/

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