What to spend the Radio Shack $20 on?


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So if you preorder from Radio Shack and get that extra $20 coupon for accessories, what are you going to spend it on?

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I just hope RS will get some EVO-themed accessories when the EVO launches. As of now, I did not see any good accessories.


they probably will have a couple of new accessories at launch, right now it would probably be a choice between a car charger or a universal car charger.


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some kind of case/belt clip, maybe screen protector (havent had much luck not having a million bubbles in the ones ive bought in the past or some kind of dust or hair underneath), car charger, and possibly car dock...if the car dock is also a charger than just that


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I get the feeling that everything will be marked up approximately $20 so no real savings here. Maybe if they have an inexpensive silicone/plastic case I will pick one up but I don't really need anything else. Maybe a screen protector if it doesn't have any coating on it.

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I will be getting that there white one if they have it! That thing gives me a woody, just like the phone:D
Man my wife is gonna love me when I get home with my new phone and case:rolleyes:


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Hopefullly an Micro HDMI cable if Monoprice doesn't get theirs in soon.

That's also what I'm thinking about. If it is 6ft though, I won't bother.

Realistically, I'll want the cable to reach so I can sit away from the TV while watching a movie or something. I'm thinking 12ft+.

If that's not in, and a zagg screen cover & a case possibly.

If that's not in, I guess nothing.

Btw, does anyone know if the phone take ANY microUSB cable or does this have a resistor in it? I Have a few very long microUSB cables laying around that would be perfect for my pc and car. :D