Feb 7, 2010
Hey, I'm heading over to my local vzw store tomorrow to attempt to get a replacement phone. For about the past month, my screen has problems with the back light. If a little higher than min brightness, you see that the backlight is way higher by the home and search buttons. You can even see a little piece of the screen in those sections has the lighting problems (see pic.) Anyway, I want to know if there is anything that I should or shouldn't say to verizon. My phone hasn't been dropped or thrown, EVER, which they may think is the reason behind the lighting problem. DSC_0113.jpg
Well unless you're rep is really smart, I don't think he should see a difference between 2.1v3 leak and the OTA, so you should be good with that. Just tell him that your Eris has been acting up and has been annoying you and you didn't get what you paid for blah blah. Just be nice, innocent, and try and explain everything wrong. You should get a new phone.
Thanks. My first eris (I'm currently on my second) had quite a few dead pixels. I noticed it within the first 30 days, so I asked for a new replacement. Btw, I'm just getting my rebate sent out now. First they didn't receive my papers, then the rebate got lost in the mail, so I had it reissued a few days ago. Will getting a replacement interfere with the rebate?
I just went to verizon this morning. The rep said that all the devices have the display problem, and he even looked at a new device to see if it had the same problems as my device. I then, really wanting a replacement, told him about my dialer and call lag and my reception issues (which I hear every eris user has). He told me that he will give me a replacement, but they only had 2 erises in stock. Since my phone was working, he told me he would save the stocked erises for customers who actually need the device and that he would have me an eris shipped out and at my door by tuesday. Are the certified like-new erises in good condition? I know my eris is in very good condition, with only a dirty track ball, and I would be very annoyed to receive a scratched up peice of junk.