Apr 15, 2012
I can't believe nobody knows this...both T-Mobile support and HTC support are clueless. :mad:

Nobody can tell me whether the data cord for a MyTouch 4G is a micro USB type a or micro USB type b. Does anyone on this board know, for sure?

The last person I spoke with at HTC--I'm not joking, this is for real--told me that since it is called a USB it is type b. Because the last letter in USB is "B". I could not believe that.

Thanks, Harry. I'm thinking it's a B form, too.

I forgot to mention, if anyone actually has the MyTouch 4G, it's probable that when you look at the cord there's either a letter A or letter B physically stamped right below the male part that is inserted into the phone. Anybody want to take a look?