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Support What type of video files?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ckeegan, Feb 24, 2011.

  1. ckeegan

    ckeegan Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Just curious what type of video files people have had luck with?

    I tried a few 1280x??? mp4 files in h.264, and I get choppy video and no audio.

    If anyone could give encoding suggestions for good-looking HD video, let me know.


  2. Proph

    Proph Android Enthusiast

    Bump to the top. I tried the same thing as you and got the same result. I tried several movies in different sizes and always no audio.
  3. jokeefe10

    jokeefe10 Well-Known Member

    i can't even get any video files on my xoom. whenever i try to transfer them i get an error message saying this file isn't supported on this device. i've tried avi and mp4 files. any suggestions?
  4. DrPreston88

    DrPreston88 Lurker

    That's because Windows recognizes the Xoom as a media player and the Xoom isn't reporting what file types it is compatible with back to Windows. You will get the same issue with MP3's.
    The solution is to click the copy anyways button.
  5. DrPreston88

    DrPreston88 Lurker

    If anybody has a fix for the bad video playback that would be awesome. Tegra 2 is more than capable of playing h264 video at these bitrates so I can't see why we should even be having this problem.
  6. kenyu73

    kenyu73 Well-Known Member

    I guess there's an issue with HD movies using certain formats. Head over to XDA and read the thread. It's not pretty... basically, Nvidia Tegra2 requires a certain HD format to run properly, and its not the common format most people use.

    so um.. videos? - xda-developers
  7. atodman

    atodman Newbie

    I know there has been discussion already about different apps to watch movies on the xoom, i have so found them helpful. The question I have now is I have some movies that are 'digital copies' of a bluray that I own. I have tried to transfer themfrom my desktoo to my xoom, the transfer OK but if I try to play them they won't or it displays a bunch of digital noise. I have tried several different players with no luck yet. The files are .wmv files I'm not sure if that might be the problem. I know there is the dvd catalyst avenue, but I figured with the files already on my desktop i could just use them. I'm open to any advice.
  8. dvdcatalyst

    dvdcatalyst Well-Known Member

    Digital Copies are mostly useless for Android devices. For the Droid X, some people managed to get some of them to work, but I haven't tried it myself on the Xoom.

    You can try loading them in Windows Media Player, and then have it Sync them to the Xoom. For the Droid X, this transfers the license to play the file as well as the file itself and might work for the Xoom.
  9. papermonkey01

    papermonkey01 Well-Known Member

    Very nice. That's what they should look like
  10. rdalcanto

    rdalcanto Android Enthusiast

    One of the reasons I got rid of my Ipad, is that it would not play home movies I recorded with my various video cameras. I refused to spend $$ on third party software to convert videos to a format that would play on the Ipad. So my question is, will the Xoom play MPEG 2 videos, or WMV? How about HD format from Sony HD Hanycams (AVCHD)? (I want to drag and drop and have them play).

  11. endoftheline

    endoftheline Newbie

    Xoom doesn't seem to play many typical video formats that you would have on your computer. I got DVD catalyst 4 for $10 and that has worked to convert all my videos
  12. papermonkey01

    papermonkey01 Well-Known Member

    From my limited understanding of this situation it has to do with the hardware limitations of our devices. They are designed to play mp4 or m4v so anytime you try to play another type of file it would have to convert on the fly. It just ends up being easier to convert on your home computer first.
  13. dvdcatalyst

    dvdcatalyst Well-Known Member

    The Xoom's hardware is designed to assist (hardware accelerate) video file playback of certain formats. Unfortunately, this part is a bit picky. There are software-players out there, such as RockPlayer and vPlayer, that use the ffmpeg multi-codec library in order to overcome these limitations. This enables support for additional files such as DIVX, XVID, AVI and MKV, however, these apps are not yet optimized for the dual-core tegra. While most files will play, the high-quality AVC/H264 video files play better when they are hardware accelerated (and also use less battery power then).

    There are a lot of settings that can be used with H264 video, levels, profiles and advanced ones, but unfortunately either by limitation of Honeycomb or the actual Tegra2 chip, many of these settings result in playback issues such as stutter and audio sync problems, or non-playable video and/or audio streams, and many of those settings are enabled in internet-obtained video content, basically forcing you to convert your videos in order to play on the Xoom.

    edit: sorry for writing it so "dry".
  14. papermonkey01

    papermonkey01 Well-Known Member

    Hey sometimes dry = accurate
  15. dvdcatalyst

    dvdcatalyst Well-Known Member

    very true, but unfortunately it is also boring. Reading it back after I posted it made me want to go to sleep :)
  16. Is the size or resolution of your video is too large?
  17. Digitalevil

    Digitalevil Newbie

    I was able to encode H.264 HD (1280x720) video with excellent native playback on the xoom. I used Linux avidemux-gtk. The trick is to disable the following H.264 codec options:

    - CABAC
    - B frames
    - 8x8 transforms
    - Weighted Prediction

    The resulting mp4 file plays very well on the xoom.

    Hope this helps, cheers
  18. affinity1221

    affinity1221 Lurker

    Try QQ player its free on the market. hope it helps man.
  19. haighs2003

    haighs2003 Lurker

    Just had the same issue and my brother fixed it for me :)

    He opened the folder that contained the files, you click the organize button, top left of folder, then folder and search options,then view, then untick hide extensions for known file types. Once it had that on it I dragged them all over without an issue. Good luck.
  20. lotus49

    lotus49 Android Expert

    I am somewhat dismayed to have to faff around with stuff like this and I haven't the faintest idea what any of the things you refer to mean and I would rather keep it that way.

    DVD Catalyst sounds easy to use and I'd happily play $10 for it but I don't have a Windows computer. I am trying out HandBrake for OSX and it seems to be working (although the video is taking twice as long to encode as it would to watch :-() but I'm really a Linux man at heart.

    Could you post the command line that you use to do the conversion please? I know I'm being lazy but it's bad enough having to convert videos at all without having to learn the intricacies of a subject I have no interest in (ie video encoding).

    Thanks in advance.
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