What was your first app?


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Had to look deep into the new Play Store website to answer a question in this forum. As part of it I had to look at my purchase history and it got me thinking...

What are your answers to this?
(Don't know for sure the Play Store list is 100% accurate)

First app I ever download:
Bluetooth OnOff (a bluetooth homescreen toggle)

First app I downloaded that I still have on my phone:

First game I downloaded:
Magic 8-ball (I still have it and I use the Union Flag skin!)

First Book:
Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson

First Song:
Rolling Stones - Beast of Burden (the day it was free)

First TV/Movie:
None so far

First Magazine:
None so far

First Device:
Galaxy Nexus


share the love peeps ;)
Lol how do we find out mate? Im interested but also scared to know what my 1st was :)
Such a cool thread idea :beer:

Im pretty sure my 1st book was Skagheads by Irvine Welsh :)


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DANG! I should have thought of that! Thanks Funky.


Settings Gear > My Orders.
It will already list chronologically all of your purchases (movies, apps, music, devices, etc.) through Play Store with the oldest at the bottom. Which is a stupid kind of nightmare.

Slightly above the app names column you will see "All Orders" with a click down. There you can filter to show only Apps, Music, etc.

Sorry. No way to do this on the mobile app that I can find.


share the love peeps ;)
Thanx bro im gona have a look later. Is there a filter for payed-for apps? I must have about 50quid worth of premium apps that ive forgot about lol :)


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the earliest one i have that i haven't deleted or isn't verizon/bloatware related is weatherbug.

i do go through them from time to time and delete ones that i know i'm never going to touch again, just because it makes the reinstall process faster and easier.


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uninstalled, yeah, but you can go into the list and delete them from your history as well. then they're gone, and if it was a paid app, you'll have to pay for it again.


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Juice defender because when I got my first smartphone the guy at the store fairly much scared me into it, luckily I found these forums as well :)


First app downloaded-Advanced Task Killer
First app downloaded that I still use-Weatherbug Elite
First game-Slot Machine Plus
First Android-HTC Incredible

Never downloaded a movie, magazine, or book.
I get all of my music from Amazon mp3, and have been collecting songs for too many years to begin to know what song came first.


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My first app I downloaded, I think, would be TV Listing. It has to be one of the first.

Looking through the Play store list, it show I installed it this year ('13), which I know I had to install it sometime early 2012. I believe if you've done a Factory reset and reinstall apps, it puts the current date on the PS list.


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Calendar Snooze, to correct what to me (former Palm user) was a major lack in the inbuilt calendar notifications.

Has the nice feature that I can pick calendar apps on other features, and not worry about the notifications as this app handles that for me.