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Aug 31, 2009
I'll start with features, continue if i missed something...

- bluetooth data (send any file via bt)
- multitouch
- different timers for turning off screen and lock phone
- google market 1.6+ (screenshots+operator billing)
- google maps navigation,topograph.
- contacts improvements (private mobile,...)
- html5 support in the browser
How To Properly Use Google Maps: A Satirical Narrative | AndroidGuys

bump just to remind people what we'll be getting if the guy finishes 2.0 port... :)
I'll start with features, continue if i missed something...
Oh dear, you got me started...

- Per-record privacy settings
- Improved time selector (instead of those ridiculous +/- buttons; I don't care if it's Apple's analogue dials or Palm's coarse-selection list)
- Date selector (instead of having to swipe through endless weeks or months; otherwise as above)
- Full Contacts sync (include birthdays and anniversaries, and show them with ages in the calendar)
- Quit suggesting FAX numbers for SMS messages, and other nonsense combos
- Enabling users to create a new calendar entry in less than 20 seconds
- User-definable categorisation/grouping in Application Drawer
- Touch screen calibration
- Automatically switch virtual keyboard to the numbers layout if focus is in a number field
- Norwegian Dvorak keyboard layout :rolleyes:
- Handwriting!
- Proper exhaustive local search (as far as I understand, we're at least getting this one)