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Tips What works and what not.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by enotar, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. enotar

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    Jul 25, 2011

    Jul 25, 2011
    2 weeks ago I decide to go with a FIT in here in Mexico with Telcel carrier.
    ROM S5670UMKA1

    I root it with SuperOneClick and that works amazingly but still no solution for adb to works as SuperUser.Anyway I work with terminal and RootExplore but that would be good to have QTadb work as well.
    I installed SetCPU new version and it work well even we cant overclock so I set some profiles to underclock when reading and screen off, battery is a lot better.
    I installed Juice Deffender Ultimate and thats help a lot with battery too.I use Balanced setting.
    I install most of my apps in SDcard with the froyo app2sd feature and installed Link2sd for those who are not movable and thats helps me to gain more space.
    Ram is pretty good on this phone, storage a little low now (30 megs) even with app2sd or Link2SD and that should be a problem with Dalvik-Cache, that would be great if we can move it to /cache but dont know how.......
    I get rid of Samsung Launcher and just use VTL Launcher that I love and I can use scrollabe widgets.
    I get rid of Swype that just use memory for me and delete more unused things from Carrier.I want to get rid of samsung apps too but couldnt really.
    I use autokiller 6.01 and autorun manager that are the best soft for andro and help keep memory low and perfomances high.
    I use the new redisign market and it works great, installed appwidgetpicker and 30 other apps.

    Problems: this phone cant really play videos......thats a big problem, the only player that works is rockplayer but video is slow going for the processor speed I think (YouTube videos works fine).
    Screen resolution is not so good and fonts are pretty bad but that is what it is.
    There is no possible way to use Flash Player with froyo on this phone beside going to GB but I think I'll wait for samsung firmware update.
    I think I am pretty much reaching the max potential of it this phone.
    It is great for the low price

    If that can help os great, if you did something that help this phone goes to the next level please comment here.


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