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What works with connecting PC to EVO Shift

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by tlee404, Sep 14, 2018.

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    Have Windows 10 and EVO Shift with original software. I want to Root it, but I can only connect as disk drive. But when i try to move an apk to the Shift in the disk drive mode the EVO Shift does not see it in the folders I move it to. I tried installing HTC Sync but it does not seem to work. Does it work with android 2.3? Basically I want to use my PC to download apks for installation on the Shift. Most of my apps are obsolete and I cannot use them. I want to do a root and update the shift. Any help in getting started by first getting my shift to connect to Win 10 so I can first start to try and root it. Also any recommended root apk that works with the android 2..3.
    When I try to go to Google Play Store I get this browser is no longer supported.
    HTC Sense for Android Ver: 2.00.0000.437693


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