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Nov 22, 2010
Chicago, IL
I am looking for something that can:
track beers that I drink, by adding to 'My Beers' or something like that
scan barcodes and give info about the beer such as %, brewery, state, etc

I have looked at:

Beer+ $
The Beer Expert $(haven't used or downloaded)

Beer+ can do the tracking things, just looking for the 'best' one to do all of it in one place, and I think the Beer Expert has a larger database...Beer+ you can also add notes about the beer you add. It backs up to the server as well.

I haven't used Beer Expert, just started browsing...any tips?
Bumped, because it would be nice to remember obscure ales from micro breweries that I'd probably never encounter again!

QR codes seem to be appearing on some products, but still a long way to go yet!
First, thanks for inquiring about The Beer Expert. While I can't speak to the specifics of other apps, I can say, with certainty, that The Beer Expert is the only Android app on the market now, availing the end user of 300,000+ inherently different beers.

And while you can't (yet) review individual beers, it does have a 5-star personal rating system and a save-to-favorites feature as well. This is besides the picture, commercial description, abv, style, Ratebeer style score and user reviews for almost each entry in the database.

Not only is there no other app on the market that has this depth of information, but we're currently working with Ratebeer, to make it even more feature rich and robust (as well as Ratebeer interactive) in the future.

All that said, these forums rock - they got me through my first Android purchase (Samsung Galaxy S), having switched over from the evil iPhone. The Android's tougher to set up (ergo my needing these forums to help with tips and tricks), but so much faster, feature-filled and easier to customize. So glad I switched! :)
I downloaded it earlier today. I scanned a beer I had in my fridge, Schlafly Summer Lager, didn't find it by barcode...but no biggie. When I searched it, it said 0% ABV.

It's a good app, I like it. Some things to think about while updating it is:
-Instead of using a 5 star rating, use half's as well.
-If the barcode is not found, would be nice to have the ability to submit it to be approved. I wouldn't have it automatically added, because in the Beer+ app I have scanned some beer's that are wrong, or are labeled "Best beer ever"

I like that app, appreciate the response! I have started using it today and will continue using it.