Root Whats a good ROM?


I just figured out how to fix my phone and now i am running Alien ROM, but it did not come with the alien theme? I really want a ROM that gets me out of this boring stock theme. I heard and looked over quite a few, gingerblur, darkside, alien. I tried gingerblur 4.5 but it didnt work for my phone it got stuck on the reboot after install .zip. Figured out it was because my firmware is 2.3 and gingerblur 4.5 works on 2.2. SO i would have to flash back to 2.2, which i havent figured out how to do yet.

But what are your guys opinion of a good ROM that gets out of this boring stock theme?

Or is flashback to 2.2 and running gingerblur 4.5 a good idea?


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Currently I'm using Darkside. It's a good ROM that supports all my docks. The developer is leaving that ROM as he started a new one called 'Wet Dream'

A lot of people seem to like CM7 since it's Gingerbread without any MotoBlur. I'm considering CM9 (ICS) Photon sometime after it gets out of the Alpha stages.


I've been using those two, plus Alien, but I think it's a tie between DarkSide and Wet Dream. I'm currently using WD, and all run webtop REALLY smoothly.


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That same developer now makes a ROM called Nottachtrix which is a pretty good ROM. Currently I'm running CM9. If I ever leave I would probably go back to Nottachtrix.