What's a nomedia file


Seriously what is it


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A .nomedia file is a blank file placed inside a folder. When the media scanner detects the .nomedia file, the media scanner does not scan that folder so the images in that folder don't appear in the Gallery app. It's a good way of having a folder full of images (like a skin for an app) and not have those images appear in the Gallery app. You can place a .nomedia file in any folder but the filename must begin with a period.

Also, on a Linux system a "dotfile" (a file with a filename that begins with a period) is hidden from standard view, though most file managers have an option to allow viewing dotfiles. So the file is hidden from view and the images in that folder aren't cataloged in the Gallery app.


Related question... is there a reference page that lists "period file" names for use in Linux ...my search syntax for this is not getting any results.

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And here's the reason behind the .nomedia files:
It was Google Play's compliance policy (not sure if still is) that no internal app files should be unintentionally recognized by any of the media players/galleries. Hence the file, cheers.


There must be a .nomedia file on my galaxy s4 which prevents some movies from playing on my media player. However i cannot locate a .nomedia file in the folder. How can i fix this?


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How can one do away with this intrusive file? I can delete it, but it just reappears. It's NOT their music, it's mine. I bought it, downloaded it in Mp3 but cannot access it on android as I used to be able to. Thusly I cannot use any of the files as an alarm or ringtone.