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What's an Android phone fit for international travel?

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by dtcdtcdtc, Feb 17, 2016.

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    I may need to do a bunch of international traveling this year - and for complicated reasons I will need to have an Android phone for work purposes. Places I may be going to: Hong Kong, Beijing, Tokyo, London, Paris, Berlin, USA, and more.

    I tried reading through the LTE bands stuff and my eyes glazed over.

    I currently have an iPhone 6. That was easy. My co-worker told me to go to the Apple store and buy the unlocked one - it would be world compat.

    I was thinking of buying a used Samsung Galaxy S5 from eBay. But there are so many variations and model numbers. What's the model number that would meet my needs? Would it be simply buying the Verizon one?

    Alternatively what are some other S5-like phones and model numbers. A key requirement for me: removable battery. And be under $200 (ideally under $150)

  2. mikedt

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    I'd say an international unlocked Samsung S5 should be fine in all those places, model numbers I don't know off hand. Don't get a Verizon phone, because I've seen people trying to use Verizon phones in China before, no chance, same with Sprint.

    A while back a work colleague had a Verizon Moto Droid I think it was, was supposed to have been unlocked, but it just would not accept a Chinese SIM, kept on indicating "Not a Verizon SIM".
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  3. dtcdtcdtc

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    Right... i'm trying to figure out what exactly an international unlocked Samsung S5 looks like - how it can be identified.
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  4. mikedt

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    According to our comprehensive S5 guide, SM-G900F and SM-G900H are the non-regional, international, non-carrier versions.

    There's other phones you could look at as well, like HTC One M8 or M9, Moto G, are often well regarded on here. Again can check the appropriate AF forum stickies for international versions.

    I believe Swappa is a good and safe place to find good quality gently used phones, better and safer than things like Ebay.
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  5. dtcdtcdtc

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    Whoa! These G900F phones are expensive on ebay. Ouch!!

    Yeah I think I'll have to look at another one. I was really hoping to spend like $150.
  6. mikedt

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    Have a look for Motorola Moto G on Amazon. International unlocked. Seems to be plenty available for $100-200 bucks. Moto G is often a well regarded phone on here. :)

    Used Samsung S4 should be easily available as well for around that price range I think.
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