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Dec 1, 2009
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im not talking about streaming songs, just playing songs that you own and transfered to your SD card to the music folder? are you just using the stock "music player" app or have you found something better
I use Tunewiki... although there are a couple of features I would like, it's decent... has a widget where you can control the playlist from the home screen... also displays album art (downloads it automatically) and also displays lyrics on the screen while the song plays (scrolls)... works about 90% of the time... still looking for a full-page widget, similar to the hero's...

I haven't been able to find anything else. I tried TuneWiki and it did not work for me. I really don't care for the stock media player. I thought Android was supposd to be more media friendly? The stock media player on my BB Tour was much better than this one. Hopefully that's improved in a future OS update.
I tried tuneiki I like it so far does what I want it to, but I'm not sure if its that program or just playing any mp3's but it RAPED my battery, 20 min of music and I went from 100% fresh off the charger to 75%
I agree with evilbeef, listening to any sort of music (or podcasts, etc) rapes the battery. I can feel the phone getting warm.
i used my phone while i was in the car listening to music on it for a solid 2 hours, battery was still pretty decent. ( was texting as well)
I've used / liked RockOn. For basic playing it does the trick and looks pretty slick. I haven't tried to do anything funky with playlists.
I was using the stock player but the only thing right was the song name (on most songs anyway) and artist. The album art is either wrong all together or is the first photo (not one I would choose but it is the first so it chooses it). Does anyone know how to fix this. I know when I dragged my music to the Droid it kept giving me an error saying that I would lose some of the information did I want to continue. Of course I choose yes as i wanted music on my phone and 75% had this problem but the mp3's are there.
Any suggestions?
I use the stock widget on my 7th page and that seems to work pretty good for me. I have to use software to get the album art, but the widget flows so well with Sense that I had to use that to keep the theme going. The music player is not the best but it beats that windows media player crap on the tp2, and the pre I had.
A bug I discovered is if the track names are numbered, it lumps them all together under "unknown artist/unknown album".

I usually remove track numbers in names anyway, but I guess I missed some. I transferred a bunch of songs to my phone for work this weekend and ended up 600+ under the unknown category. :rolleyes:

My BB never cared about that.......:p (1 of only about 3 things it did better than this phone)


Just to add, I usually leave the phone plugged when I am using it for music (because I am usually at my desk), but I have left unplugged and have gone 1-2 hours and the battery discharged very little, maybe down to 80%.