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Whats going on with GT Racing 2?

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Kharl, Jan 19, 2015.

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    i just dont understand that brand behavior.. they dont listen to major users claims, i know it is free...but GOD thank it is, because i wouldnt pay even its good but that behavior..

    i mean... when first installed the game... why does it obligatory you have to run a race?
    i mean thats a crap that deserve no attention.. but just wondering why? i fell like i dont have control, because i have to go "guide" tru what they want.

    ALSO there has been situation when the game ask for internet connection, sometimes i dont have internet connection or i just dont want the device connected to the internet.. and the game just lock giving no option... "or you connect to internet or no play" thats what i interpret!

    but the above mentioned is the less, one case inparticular i want to know..
    previous versions use to have three settings for graphics,'
    -one for faster and smoother video, (something like economical, sorry dont remember the name of the setting_
    -one for optimun graphic (a balance between performance and quality)
    -one for best graphics at cost of whole cpu usage

    i have a powerful enough device, but i fell no need to use its whole power.. it is still a portable device and i dont demand the highest graphic, i just want o enjoy the game with a decent graphic.

    so for me, the more economical setting is good, the impact in grpahic is minimal, the video quality is really good yet and the really light decrease in graphic quality worth the really cooler running cpu.

    but also for users with low end or not so powerfull device, have a shot with that game so more people can enjoy that game...

    if that was working really good (those three options)... wht they removed the economical one?
    GT Racing 2 now only has two options, the best graphic and optimal...

    this, to me, sound like a convenience for hardware makers to improve their sales of more powerful devices, unnecessarily just for running the same apps.
    this only looks like a powerfull engine just to move the same vehicle but in a higher gear.....

    are we really moving forward?

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