whats happened to tube mate


tube mate has gone from marketplace and stopped working on tab and desire, shame it went from marketplace but thought it would still work if installed.

anything similar, both devices are not rooted


Guys i need your help here...

so, i downloaded Tubemate. got is installed..i tested it out by downloading a few videos and it worked just fine. BUT now, things start to go wrong ..huhu...once i have downloaded the video completely i am not able to play it!!..it says 100% downloaded but i cant seem to play the vid . Download in .flv format and i have moboplayer installed as well . As for the earlier videos that i had downloaded, it works just fine..it plays perfectly..so is this some kinda bug? Plss give me a solution

Oh yea..i even tried playin the vid on the PC and it wudnt play..am assuming its the file which probably been corrupted..


If you go to the developer's website, there is a link there which takes you directly to the latest version (dated 12/26/11) in the Android Market.

I just uninstalled previous version and installed this one dated today. Haven't had a chance to try it out yet but hopefully the problems are corrected.


Yes, it happens the same to WonTube.
WonTube is just like tubemate, I can download youtube video.
But I found this apk file from its home page.


An application that downloads/rips videos from Google's YouTube is probably not going to be very welcome on Google's Play. It's probably illegal and likely violates the DMCA or whatever in the USA.