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Whats HTC doing in 6 days???

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by swgastro, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. swgastro

    swgastro Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

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  2. El Kroket

    El Kroket Well-Known Member

    Hmm "big caffuffle" probably means a new HTC device. Which is kinda disappointing for me. They should start with satisfying their existing costumers first and fix the things they promised us (HTCSence.com , update to gingerbread,...) I still love my phone but I do think that after sale support is very important, and that's something HTC lacks.

  3. Panter

    Panter Member

    Not their new tablet, thunderbolt is it?
  4. Panter

    Panter Member

    I think you have a good point there.
    Ok, new and exciting kit will always result in sales and profit, which is obviously why the focus is there.

    But, after sales is important too and it's time they realised that.
    If there is no after care, then where's the incentive not to just buy cheap Chinese tat and dump it when it breaks?
    If they build a rep for lack of after sale support, then sales of any flash new kit will stat to tail off quickly I suspect.

    I may be out of line with this, I'm very new to htc after all, but I'm quite surprised at how long what appear to be minor glitches are taking to be sorted out.
  5. Nybras

    Nybras Well-Known Member

    Hopefully fixing our phones with a nice update
  6. williamj1

    williamj1 Android Enthusiast

  7. The Stig 95

    The Stig 95 Member

    I guess they'll announce their first tablet, the HTC Flyer.
    But I guess there will come some new phones as well.
  8. randomeclipse

    randomeclipse Newbie

    Is the Desire 2 going to be more advanced than the DHD you think?
  9. Mitchturbo

    Mitchturbo Well-Known Member

    It will probably be just as powerful but with Gingerbread in the box and a 3.7 screen instead of our 4.3 Inches.

    We will have to wait a couple of days till we found out i think.

    The Wildfire2 looks quite sexy in the picture I've seen though ;)
  10. Roxolid

    Roxolid Well-Known Member

    thunderbolt is the new 4G version of the DHD, the tablet/s have another name/s
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  11. springy

    springy Android Enthusiast

    HTC Wildfire S spotted in official HTC video? | News | TechRadar UK Wildfire 2/S

    HTC Desire 2 picture leaked, also shows up in Vodafone's inventory -- Engadget Desire 2

    Plus 3 new tablets, one Called Flyer which will have Android 2.3 + New Sense UI called Sensation release in the next couple of weeks, plus 2 which will have 3.0 release in the summer. Will “HTC Sensation” be the HTC Sense for tablets?

    Also HTC pyramid Rumor: Dual-core HTC Pyramid superphone coming to T-Mobile by May – Android and Me which is coming to T-Mobile US, and probably will be the replacement of HTC Desire HD (release summer in US, ala EVO 4G). Will be a dual core device. Run 2.3/2.4

    Also 2 smart phones with no physical buttons expected as well.. (could this be honeycomb on phones even though google said honeycomb won't come to phones??????)
    Massive HTC leak: new Brew, Android phones, new trademark and the return of the mystery Verizon device (the bottom one is the desire 2)

    This is all rumors by the way, so take this as a pinch of salt... We find out next week if all the leaks are true.
  12. Panter

    Panter Member


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