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What's needed to watch movies on the TF?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by rogone, May 25, 2011.

  1. rogone

    rogone Member
    Thread Starter

    I transfered a movie from my computer to a micro SD card that's now in my TF. I can find the movie but not play it. Do I need an app to play it? If so, what works best? Thanks.

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  2. chimphappyhour

    chimphappyhour Android Enthusiast

    I grabbed moboplayer and it seems to work so far. Once you grab the main app, it'll prompt you to grab the codec set for the device. Now I just need to find a good program to make copies of my dvds and blue-ray disks. I would love to see what Baraka looks like on this thing.
  3. archercc

    archercc Android Enthusiast

    2 options:
    First is like mentioned before, you can get a 3rd party player that will play videos in the format yours are encoded.


    Use Handbrake to recode the videos to h.264 and then they will play in the stock player. I ended up doing this because I didnt like the 3rd party players (preferred the integrated gallery) and it also allowed me to boost the volume on some of the quiet parts.
  4. rogone

    rogone Member
    Thread Starter

    Is handbrake able to recode movies I have in itunes so that they will play? If not, is there another way to do it?
  5. archercc

    archercc Android Enthusiast

    I dont think so because the itunes movies have DRM on them and Handbrake just recodes movies, does not defeat DRM. You would have to do something to strip the Apple DRM from it first.
  6. rogone

    rogone Member
    Thread Starter

    Okay, I installed mobo player and the codec app that it wanted and then tried to play the movie I had on a micro SD card. It wouldn't play. The movie is a digital download I got when I bought the movie. It shows as a WMV movie. Any ideas.?
  7. rogone

    rogone Member
    Thread Starter

    Anybody know of any good programs to remove DRM?
  8. chimphappyhour

    chimphappyhour Android Enthusiast

    Not sure. I know of a few programs that can be easily found around the internet that strip off the DRM on dvd's but I haven't got a clue if it'll handle Apple's stuff.
  9. Lucky Armpit

    Lucky Armpit Android Enthusiast

    I bought Foxreal DVD Ripper and it's working well for me so far. It has a profile for all of my devices... a Galaxy Tab 10.1, Asus Transformer, and iPad2 (wife's). I much prefer the Movie app on the Tab once it received Touchwiz so I guess I'm stuck with the ugly "Gallery" with Honeycomb.
  10. jcmtyler

    jcmtyler Well-Known Member

    So I finally got streaming video to work over my home network to my Transformer. The magic combination was:
    - videos in .mp4 format, DVDs ripped using Magic DVD Ripper (with AppleTV profile, $35)
    - stored on NAS (Thecus N3200), streamed over wifi
    - TwonkyMediaServer ($20) running on NAS
    - accessed and played on Transformer using stock MyNet app

    Certainly not free ($55 total) plus a ton of time trying to find something that worked and figuring out the best way to rip my DVDs, but it works really really well. I tried a bunch of different free DVD ripping and encoding apps and just couldn't figure out the correct set of steps so I'm sure there are other ways to get to this. I still think File Expert + RockPlayer will work again, but Honeycomb 3.1+ seems to have broken that particular combo for now. Finally able to rip my 50+ DVDs to my NAS, and the nice thing is that I can also stream them to my wife's iPad.
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  11. Chaco

    Chaco Well-Known Member

    i had issues copying perfectly fine movies into my mSD card and was not being played by moboplayer

    almost even spent $10 on a converter software...

    came to find out that if i put the mSD card on my laptop and copied the movie over, it wouldnt play...
    if i placed the movie on a external HDD, the network, or a USB thumb drive and put it on the transformer dock and copy it over using the built in File Manager, it would work perfectly.

    i think its the way Windows writes the file to the mSD that gives Android a hard time
  12. AutobahnSHO

    AutobahnSHO Android Enthusiast

    Format the MicroSD on the tablet first. Then it should drag and drop from windows fine.
  13. someguy43210

    someguy43210 Well-Known Member

    There are good free apps for video converting like: WinFF and MobileMediaConverter. They are both batch converter designed for mobile devices. But these don't come tablet presets, you'll have to choose mpeg4, then manually set your resolution and bitrate. I find going up to 720p res, its better to keep the codec as XVID which plays smoother.

    But I prefer using Avidemux to encode in higher quality, but required more manual settings.
  14. rogone

    rogone Member
    Thread Starter

    I started using DVDFab to convert my DVDs and Blurays to MPV4 files and they play fine on my TF.

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